Part One – Being Love and Light

Connection to Spirit – Being Love and Light – Part 1

You are always connected to Spirit…because you ARE Spirit having a human experience.
There is no difference between you and the beings of light on other dimensions of reality. It’s just that at this time you are existing in a more dense physical body. In this third dimensional reality you have forgotten your innate wisdom. You do not remember who you truly are on a soul level.

My job is to help you remember more of your own essence and to assist you to connect more powerfully with the expanded aspects of you.

The skills that I will teach in the three parts of this E-Class will also help you to connect with the telepathic wisdom and guidance of any being of light that you wish to energetically entrain yourself with.

It is all to do with your vibration … being love and light … and where you put your intention.

I want to begin this class by telling you my story.

Ten years ago I went through a major life transition. Everything – my relationship, my work and even where I lived changed. I had always been interested in spiritual things and had even purchased a book on channeling in 1988 while in New York, but things spiritual were definitely not at the forefront of my mind. My work was in marketing and public relations. I had no idea that I would ever commune with ‘beings’ I couldn’t see!

One day at the height of my angst I received in the mail a brochure about a ‘Connecting to Spirit’ class near where I lived in Auckland. I felt compelled to attend, but on the day everything seemed to conspire against me getting there. I got lost and couldn’t find the venue. I was tempted to go shopping instead, but deep within my being I knew that this was important and even though I was an hour late for the class I finally made it. I was somewhat stressed and the woman who met me at the door gave me rescue remedy to calm me down. I slunk to the back of the class feeling embarrassed and annoyed with myself.

The other members of the class were holding crystals and trying to sense their energy. We were told that spiritual guides…beings of light from higher dimensions, had an energy signature, just like we have a name and that the first thing we had to learn was to be able to sense energy around us that was not ours.

I first tried holding in my right hand a piece of rose quartz. It had a very loving, calming energy that went right up my arm to my heart. Then I tried holding a piece of clear quartz. This I found felt different and after a few minutes my body was pulsing with energy and I was almost rocking off the chair. I was fascinated. I clearly felt the energy of the crystal as not mine. After this we practiced feeling the energy of plants and flowers. Try it and you’ll see. Being able to sense distinctions in life force energy is an important skill to practice when you want to connect with Spiritual beings who are not in a body…at least not in a body most of us can see. However, they are energy, just as we are. Their energy signature is like our name is to us. We get to know spiritual guides by what they feel like when they come into our energy fields.

By the morning of the second day we were ready to meet the Highest level guide who was aligned to us from the light. We’re also going to do this exercise next month in Part Two.

I felt a bit nervous and apprehensive. “What if some energy connected to me that tried to somehow take me over or that I didn’t like,” I thought.

The teacher explained that there is a spiritual law called the Law of Higher Will, which meant that our will is always more powerful than any being of lower vibration. It was also explained that the saying of certain words invoking protection was also recommended, but that our loving vibration and clear intention was really all that was required.

When I asked for the Highest Level Guide Who Was Aligned to Me From the Light I immediately felt a strong, masculine energy come around me. I opened my eyes, but the teacher said that he could see that my guide was from the angelic realms and not to worry. I couldn’t see anything, but I relaxed and went through the whole process again. Once more I felt the connection with the same strong energy. All the feeling of crystals and flowers the day before had obviously paid off, because I could identify and describe exactly what this new energy felt like.

As instructed I asked the energy, “Do you a name?”

Into my mind came a thought. The thought felt like me thinking. But from the millions of thoughts I could possibly have came a name that sounded like Bashar. I knew from my reading that Darryl Anka channeled an entity called Bashar so I thought that I must be making it up.

I asked again, “What is your name?” I waited, my mind quiet and still like a blank TV screen. Suddenly I got a new name. Balthazar.

“Well,” I thought. “I couldn’t possibly have made that up!”

Many people think when they first start to connect telepathically to Spirit that they are somehow making it up. Understand though that our mind, our consciousness, is our bridge to all of creation and that the flow of energy goes both ways. We can attune our mind to other minds or universal consciousness. Other minds, for example the spiritual guides who may want to connect with us, can attune their consciousness to ours. Most of us can relate to thinking about someone and having them telephone or email us. The energy connection with spiritual beings is no different.

I learnt at that first class that connecting with spirit is a skill just like skiing or playing tennis and like any skill it required practice.

If I wanted to do this well and develop my ability to attune with other energies then I had do it often.

In these early days I wasn’t entirely sure that I wasn’t just imagining it all. I questioned whether there really was a being called Balthazar with me. My background and previous life experience had been very grounded and corporate and I didn’t want to be considered flaky.

Several things convinced me that this new experience was valid. The first was when we separated into pairs at the class to practice asking questions of our new guides. My partner, who I didn’t know and hadn’t seen before, began asking me, or my guide Balthazar in actuality, various questions about his life. Answers just seemed to come as thoughts into my mind and all I did was speak out what I was thinking. It really sounded like me talking and my thoughts. I still wondered whether it was my imagination until I found myself talking about the man’s liver and what he needed to do to heal himself. “Oh”, he said afterwards. “I’ve been recovering from hepatitis, what you said was right”.

This convinced me that my connection with Balthazar was real and in the weeks that followed I was told that he had been one of the Magi and it was in this lifetime that we had been together as husband and wife. I’m not sure whether wives got to go to Bethlehem but it was all very interesting and each day I felt more and more as if I had found a new friend. Balthazar gave me some wonderful advice, which helped me a great deal in my life, as what he said proved to be true.

As your connection to other energies grows stronger there is a great deal of energy rewiring that occurs. New neuron pathways are laid down between the right hand side of the brain…the incoming or receptive center of the brain and the left hemisphere, which is about analysis and putting out the information. When I connected with Balthazar I shook violently with the energy for a few months until my body adapted. Today, because of the downloads of energy that have been coming into the Earth’s atmosphere since the year 2000, our physical bodies have become better at handling other vibrations and this no longer occurs for most people.

The second thing that convinced me that this was truth was when someone brought a auric camera connected to a computer screen into my energy healing class. We all took turns to view our aura, the energy field surrounding the body, on the computer monitor using Kirlian photography..

When it came to my turn my classmates asked me to connect with Balthazar to see what would happen. I took a deep breath, raised my vibration into love and light and called on Balthazar to connect with me. As his energy merged with my energy fields the screen, which had previously displayed my aura, flashed white static. This powerful scientific demonstration convinced me beyond a shadow of doubt that even though I couldn’t SEE him, Balthazar was undeniably REAL. His energy fields just vibrated faster at a different frequency and at a different wave length than mine in a different spectrum of light.

Even now as I write this in 2008 I am always being asked to trust in the unseen. I still only see Spirit with my inner sight. It is only years of trust and having a positive outcome from trusting that has convinced me.

The only time I have actually seen Spiritual beings visibly was after doing a ten day Vipassanna meditation course. I was overawed to see spiritual guides standing around the massage tables at my healing class working through the hands of the students.

I was told the first weekend I met Balthazar that high level guides such as ascended Masters and beings from the Angelic realms are only there as a bridge for us to make a better connection with our own higher self and soul essence. They come to us to help us on our way and to assist us in being all that we can be. In most cases the spiritual beings who come to help us are connected with us karmically as was Balthazar. We have been with them before and their joy at reconnecting with us is immense.

Over time it is possible to get an image of the being you are connecting with. To seespiritual beings with your inner sight, which is just as real as looking out through your eyes, shut your eyes and look beneath your closed lids towards the third eye at a place between your eyebrows. Trust the visible impression that you get. When I did this with Balthazar I got a clear impression of a tall, fine-featured man with dark skin, a pointed black beard and loving, black/brown eyes. I saw him dressed in a purple robe.

A couple of years after meeting Balthazar I went to see a woman who was a spiritual artist. She could visibly see Spirit and used to paint portraits of people’s guides. Without any explanation I asked her to paint my guide Balthazar.

As she began to draw Balthazar exactly as I inwardly saw him myself I began to cry. It was like seeing someone I loved and long remembered come to life once more on the paper. Then woman even said she was asked to paint a golden doorway of light behind the image.
This is part of a meditation you will do next month…walking through a golden doorway into the light.

I was told by Balthazar that my learning to connect to many different energies was not what I would eventually do, but that it was part of my training. For that first year, 1997, I worked solely with Balthazar, most days connecting with him before I went to sleep and receiving much valuable information. I have been told that it is best to concentrate for a time on connecting with just one energy, otherwise it can be confusing.

One evening almost exactly a year later I went for a walk on the beach near my home and later sat down and tried to connect with Balthazar. Nothing happened. He didn’t seem to be there. Suddenly I felt another strong energy welling up in my body and from out of my mouth came the words, “My name is Orgin”. I was very surprised and a little bit worried because this energy did not feel as high and loving as Balthazar. It is also quite unusual that spiritual beings just come through like this without permission. I needn’t have worried however as I was immediately told by Balthazar that Orgin was a high being, who had been my teacher in a past life that I’d had in Atlantis. He said that Orgin was there to teach me more about energy and that all was well. Orgin was only with me for ten weeks, but in that time he taught me a lot, especially about the powerful vibration of love…that most transformative energy.

From this time onwards I connected step by step with all the inner plane ascended Masters, Angels, and members of the extraterrestrial races, Hathors, Siriuns, Arcturians and others. They all had something to teach and they all helped me develop my spiritual ability and to do the work it appeared I’d come to do.

The walking of your soul’s path is what increasing your connection to Spirit can and will do for you. You too have contributions to make and things to do at this important time on Earth. This class is to help you prepare.

The decade before and after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 represented the culmination of a 200 million year planetary evolutionary cycle. Earth and her people together with the solar system and thousands of galaxies are now birthing into a new dimension – a new age of light and love. We are now moving through a transition between third dimensional reality and the initiation of our planet into galactic civilization.

  • Your soul knows this. You also know this on some level otherwise you would not be reading these words.
  • Remember that increasing your connection to Spirit is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced.
  • It is a commitment to following your soul’s path. When you do this work you also give Spirit the green light to work with you to help you move forward.

Changes to your energy field and energy pathways will take place as you develop. Spirit will do this for you so that you can better adapt to and bring in the energy.

We will discuss more of this in Part Two of this class, but now let us begin with learning to ‘Be Love and Light’.

My guide Orgin told me that love is the highest and finest vibration. When we consciously think thoughts of love we are harmonizing and enhancing our energy fields. Thinking thoughts of love and sending love to others brings health and balance to body, mind and spirit.

Every thought we think has its own vibration. Thoughts that are high, loving and harmonious vibrate at faster wave lengths than dull, heavy, depressed thoughts. Sometimes when we feel sad we say that we feel blue…or we are browned off. Dark blue and brown are both colors that have a slower vibrational waveform pattern. White is the color that vibrates fastest. This is why we ask to be surrounded with white light if we want to surround ourselves with a higher, more harmonious vibration.

In this plane of reality we are attuned to the vibration of Earth, which for a very long time has been vibrating at a frequency we call third dimension. As energy beings living on the Earth we must remain in sync with Earth vibration. This shift of vibration is said to be occurring around 2012. All of the work that Spirit is doing now, through me and thousands of others, is to prepare humanity for this new time.

Being love means resonating with this vibration. We need to guard our thoughts as much as we can and develop ways of getting back on track when we have an off day and our thinking slips into old, limiting patterns.

Preparation Exercise One: Sensing Life Force Energy

I have recorded an audio meditation to help you bring in love and light and to practice with that is available below for download but only after you have completed these three preliminary exercises.

Begin by holding three crystals. See if you can feel a difference in their energy. Shut your eyes and hold one crystal in your right hand. Try to join your mind with the crystal and feel its life force energy. You should notice a distinction between each crystal as each will have a different energy signature. The feeling of the crystal in your hand is very similar to how you will sense the energy of Spiritual beings. You can also practice sensing life force energy with trees, flowers and plants. If you can’t do this exercise well it will not prevent you from increasing your connection with Spirit. You just might not know that you are!

Preparation Exercise Two: Bringing In Light

Sit in a quiet place free from interruptions. Close your eyes and still and quiet your mind by breathing gently in and out of your nose trying to feel the breath on the skin below your nostrils. Take time to allow yourself to become very relaxed. Now imagine on the in breath that you are drawing liquid white/gold light through your crown chakra at the top of your head. On the out breath imagine that this light is gradually filling up every cell of your body, right down to your toes. Enjoy this peaceful expanded state for at least five minutes before you open your eyes and return to normal consciousness.

Preparation Exercise Three: Being Love

Do the above exercise drawing white light into every cell of your body. Then focus on your heart chakra at the center of your chest and create in the chakra the highest feeling of love that you can. See this vibration as rose pink and with your mind, your intention, send the love from your heart chakra to every part of your body. Sit in this state of love and light for at least five minutes.

Once you complete these three exercises to your satisfaction it is time to listen to the audio. Ensure that you drink enough water when running this energy. Your body must be a good conductor.

Listen to the audio at least once a day for seven days. You may listen more than this, but seven times is the minimum number of repetitions that Spirit is recommending.

Listen here

or right click here to download