Part Two – Faith and Commitment

Connection to Spirit – Faith and Commitment – Part 2

Faith and Commitment begins with having faith in Yourself!

Judy’s Story

In 1999 I was asked by my guides to begin to teach channeling. I really had no idea how to do this, but my guides told me that they would dictate to me a weekend workshop. All I had to do was write it all down. When you’re receiving information from Spirit it is in the form of telepathic downloads or related thoughts and ideas. It could easily be described as accessing your own intuition or the guidance of your higher self and quite often this is exactly what it is. It is the downloading of a stream of ideas, not a strange voice thundering in your ear. As time goes by you will begin to discern what is you and what is not. There is a different quality to the thoughts as they come from nowhere and you usually don’t know the subject matter.

When I wrote the channeling workshop I just sat at my computer and asked Spirit, “What do I do next?” I always got an answer and I wrote this down. The next step was to whom did I teach this work? My guides told me to send an invitation to fifty people telling them about the workshop and asking them if they wanted to attend. I decided/was told to charge $100 for the weekend. One of my friends worked in an office in downtown Auckland overlooking the harbor and offered it to me free of charge for the weekend.

This is about faith…when I have demonstrated my faith, Spirit has always provided for me. However there have been many occasions when fear has got in the way of faith so don’t let this part of the story daunt you!

Twenty-two people showed up to that first weekend and to my delighted surprise they all connected to spiritual guides and some people verbally channeled extremely well.

This workshop started my teaching work and since then I have taught on many topics and in many countries. I have always asked Spirit what they wanted me to teach and I have never been let down. However, there were some very challenging tests of faith in the past ten years. It was a steep learning curve. I was loathe to make a fool of myself if nothing happened and on most occasions when speaking in public I was asked to do things that I hadn’t done before. I now think that this was trust training in being able to totally surrender to what needs to brought through from Spirit so that I could be developed as an open channel, that is able to work with many wide ranging multi-dimensional energies from different energy spectrums.

One my biggest tests of faith was about seven years ago when I presented a workshop in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. I always wrote out the plan for each workshop in advance and rigidly adhered to the script in case I missed something out or lost my place. On this occasion I arrived at the venue with my eyes so blurry I couldn’t see to read the page. Rather panic stricken I asked my guides what was going on and they said that this workshop was different and that they wanted to channel the whole thing…every word that came out of my mouth and I wasn’t to read a thing. I surrendered and the workshop went really well. It was much more relaxed and cohesive than anything I could do alone.

In eleven years of doing this work I have never been let down by Spirit when I have showed faith and commitment…action is everything.

Of course there has been times when I have not had faith, when I have felt frightened, alone or physically in pain, unsure about me next steps, the truth and validity of what I was doing and at times whether the energy was even worthwhile and helpful to people. My corporate, PR person persona struggled sometimes with what was coming out of my mouth and some of the things I was asked to say and do. “Judy’s crazy language”, was not readily understood by everyone!

Like many of you I went through a time of physical body breakdown as my body and energy fields adapted to the higher and higher dimensional energies being transmitted. I felt miserably unwell and alone. Unable to sleep night after night my faith and trust took a huge battering. I would surf the internet looking up the many symptoms I was experiencing wondering if I had cancer or some other dire disease. I now know that this was just ascension symptoms caused by physical adjustment to incoming energies. Alone in darkness one night I screamed out loud at my guides, “I’ve had enough, I’m not doing this for you any more…beam me up!”

My whole body began to shake and a voice spoke through my voice, “Judy, you do not do this for us, you do it for you, for your own soul’s path and purpose. All is well.”

I really began to understand that night, that this Divine Plan that so many of us are part of takes training, faith, ongoing commitment and heaps of determination to overcome any obstacles on the path. I now know without a doubt that I am always looked after in every way and when I trust this I align with the energy of all that is good and supportive to come to me. I have to speak the word for what I want and know that it has already come to pass.

We had a wonderful mentor here in New Zealand in Sir Edmund Hillary, who with the Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay was the first to climb Mt Everest, the highest mountain on our Earth. Sadly, Sir Edmund recently passed into Spirit, but his strength to overcome serves as an enduring lesson to us all.

Faith Is An Energy Of Creation

You may not realize that faith is an energy that we can all create with our thoughts. Try saying to yourself I am faith, I have faith, I overcome. My greatest good comes to me now. You will feel a feeling in your body and being that is the energy of faith. Now repeat these words with the finger tips of your left hand on the tip of the chin.

This is the faith centre. There is a small chakra of the body in this area, which relates to faith. If we’re being challenged in areas of faith we may temporarily have gum problems, skin eruptions or jaw problems, as the energy may become blocked through this chakra. Understand that the chakras respond to what WE are thinking and feeling in any given moment. However, in my energy healing experience the roots and facets of the chakras also hold much of the distorted energy frequency that is the result of past life thought and beliefs that we have created in response traumatic or painful experiences.

Clearing these karmic miasms from the cellular memory of the body and from the body’s energy fields is what we are all experiencing right now and what is needed for us to pull fifth dimensional energy through the body. The chakras also need to be remodeled as well so every chakra is being affected.

Spirit wants me to give you an audio that will clear blocks from the chakras and especially relates to clearing fear, doubt and diminishing of self.

Clearing this fear will also help you connect to Spirit much more easily.

Listen here

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Spiritual Guides

Now a word about spiritual guides. Don’t get too addicted to who is coming through you. Remember high level spiritual guides come to us as a bridge so that we may connect to a more expanded version of us. When I began my channeling in 1997 Balthazar’s energy was clearly identifiable as Balthazar. I could see him in my mind. These days I don’t often experience this. The energy is automatic and it feels like I am connecting to a more expanded version of me. What actually occurs is that we begin to merge into more of our soul self or I am presence and begin to draw on the energy of our monad or soul group and then into infinite intelligence… universal consciousness.

In the beginning, however, you will usually see or feel the presence of a spiritual being around you. Just as we have a name, spiritual guides have an energy name or feeling about them. We get to know them by how they feel when they merge with our auric field.

They choose to connect with us because of their affinity with our soul group or monadic purpose or because they have some karmic connection with us from past life.

We connect with them by our thoughts and intention. Ask and you will be given.


Before doing this spiritual work ensure you are rested, healthy and feel emotionally balanced. A good prayer to say is the Prayer of Initiation . You can also say… I will not receive the words of any being who does not serve the light of God and works for the benefit of humanity.

In my years of experience, I have never had anyone that I have taught, experience any kind of negative effects.

If you do feel under psychic attack at any time it is most likely you are clearing some old projected thought form or aspect that as it clears through the physical body and emotions is re-experienced to a degree. Be aware that drinking excessive alcohol or taking recreational drugs can affect the seventh level of your energy field and make you susceptible to other astral energies that can play havoc with mind, body and spirit.

The Golden Door Meditation

This meditation will help you to connect with the highest level guide who is aligned with the light. I will take you a golden doorway and you will be instructed to ask for your special guide, a spiritual being who is aligned to you from the light to come forward to greet you.

This is a very real experience and it will change your life. It is a commitment to your path of purpose and to the light of God.

I suggest that before doing this meditation you ensure that you will not be interrupted. Light a candle and relax. It is okay to do this meditation while sitting at the computer, but set up a peaceful, loving space for yourself. You can also download this meditation onto iPod or CD.

Many blessings,

Judy Satori


Listen here

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