Manifestation and Creation

Manifestation and Creation

Expanded Ability to Think and Create

DNA Recoding
The high frequency energy now coming in to the planet is opening aspects of human DNA expression. The energy will first cascade into a sparking of critical synapses within the brain that will in turn activate the coming forth of an expanded ability to think and create. Source: The Elohim.

From the Elohim: The energy that is now coming in to Earth from the central point of all creation within the Local Group of 20 galaxies is growing progressively stronger as it builds in intensity. The Local Group is the name given by astronomers to describe a diamond shaped cluster of 20 galaxies. Note: Our Milky Way Galaxy is part of the Local Group. (See the book “Tuning the Diamond” by scientist Susan Joy Rennison.)

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Creation Code

Last Year Spirit gave me a special task…to record 10 sound tracks that I have called The Happiness Codes. It is so important that we all experience happiness and peace, as these vibrations in the cells of the body are the precursor to DNA change and human evolutionary upgrade.

To begin to experience this new energy I am giving you a sample track, which will help you create and draw to you what you need in your life for peace and happiness.

I invite you to try the CREATION CODE

Before you listen to the sound track below, decide what you want and write it down. Keep it simple…one sentence. Before you listen, read or say out loud what it is that you want, and imagine that you have it already. Focus on one desire each time you listen. You can repeat as many times as you wish.

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Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay

How to use the energy mantra Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay
Three powerful energy words to help you create what you want.
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Entering the Void

A Day with the Archangel Metatron – An Ascension Acceleration Class

Live Recordings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June, 2013

An overview for this master class. Opening to the truth of the soul self. Deep clearing processes for all that no longer serves who YOU ARE. Entering the void, the womb of new creation.

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Click here for the first series of this master class – Expanding the Mind, Opening the Heart available as an MP3 download.

Click here for the second series of this master class – Peace, Abundance, and Joy available as an MP3 download.

Thoth Teaching – Overcoming Adversities

This is one of 18 MP3s from this two day event in Shanghai, China. Click Here for More.

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St. Germain’s Technique for Manifestation

  1. Visualize a Magenta Pyramid approximately three feet directly in front of you.
  2. Within the Pyramid, visualize the outcome of the manifestation you intend to manifest.
  3. FEEL that the results of your manifestation has already been manifested and now FEEL the joy and success of your manifestation.
  4. As you visualize the Pyramid with your intended manifestation, recite 9 times:
  5. Now visualize the Pyramid spinning in a clockwise motion.
  6. Continue to visualize the spinning pyramid while reciting the mantra until the pryamid spins out of sight.
  7. Know that it is just a matter of time until your desired manifestation materializes in this 3rd dimension reality.

If your manifestation does not materialize after using this technique it is due to one of two reasons:
Your technique and faith needs to be refined or the materialization is not in alignment with your soul’s highest good.

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