Physical Regeneration

Physical Regeneration and Building the Light Body

Energy to Balance and Harmonize Intracellular Fluids

The next stage in physical DNA recoding as received from Spirit is the transmission of energy to “still and calm” the intracellular water within every cell of the body. This transmission has three parts and will enhance cellular vitality and energy, thereby creating more vitality and coherence in every cell of the body and in all physical organs and body systems…

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Age Retardation Energy Transmission

Human DNA
This energy transmission will attune the pituitary and pineal glands and breaks the pituitary gland programming that instructs the body to age at the rate it does on Earth currently. This activation should be repeated once daily so that the physical body entrains to new energy instructions that will retard aging. Repetitive listening is required to alter the DNA program.

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Helping Your Body Stay Healthy Through Earth’s Ascension Process

These guidelines from Spirit are for staying healthy during this intensive period of Earth transition. You will stay in physical and emotional balance more easily when these recommendations are incorporated into your daily life.

Drink Alkaline Water and Eat Foods from the Earth

Drink at least two liters of alkaline water daily. This is because the energy coming into Earth from the Galactic Center will increase during each month of this year and will cause accumulating stress to the body, making the body more acidic. Highly alkaline water will re-balance this acidity and help all organs and systems of the body to function better. A water alkalize and filter is all you need. Lemon juice added to water also has an alkalizing effect.

Eat lots of fresh, raw, preferably organic fruits and vegetables. The energy coming into Earth puts strain on all the organs and systems of the body so help your digestion and elimination by eating smaller, more frequent meals and following a “fruits of the Earth” diet, that is eat natural foods from the Earth as much as possible. Avoid additives, chemicals, processed, modified or artificially created foods. Concentrate on eating alkaline foods.

Use the following mantra to energize your alkaline drinking water. When you say these words they create a vibration that actually alters the vibrational state of the water, rather like Dr Emoto’s work of altering the crystalline state of water with thoughts of love. This mantra chemically alters the crystalline nature of water to powerfully regenerate the body.

Dip the index finger of your right hand slightly into the water (any quantity). Circle your finger once slowly clockwise while saying the words Ya Sintay Makoiya Sa. Repeat this two more times for a total of three times. Hold your right hand palm down over the water and count slowly to 33. You will probably feel energy coming from your palm. Drink the water as soon as possible as the potency is quickly lost.

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Song of Lyra – Reawakening Soul Wisdom

This song has been reported to help autistic children relax and go to sleep. It is one of the tracks on the CD, The Song of Lyra, which is available for purchase. Available on CD or Mp3 download.

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Re-genesis/Regenerative Tonic for The Body

These seven energy transmissions from the Elohim will help the body recalibrate to fifth dimensional energy and will assist with regeneration. It is a good transmission to build into your daily routine and listen to once daily for about three months. Then you will be ready for more intensive regenesis.
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Phase I – Priming The Cells For Change

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Phase II – Re-genesis Energy Transmissions

This set of energy transmissions is phase two of preparing the cells for change, to increase energy created within the mitochondria of the cells and to ease ascension symptoms of physical regeneration such as neck and shoulder pain, disorientation and dizziness and sleep disturbance. Listening once will create the required changes, listening three times (not on the same day) will strengthen results.

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Protect Your Energy

Some time ago Spirit gave me an energy protection mantra to shield my energy fields. It puts a strong buffering protective shield around you and is also very grounding. You should say the mantra three times or nine times depending on your sensitivity and vulnerability to environmental energies. I find that the mantra needs to be said daily and sometimes morning and night. It helps protect from the projected energy of other people, entity attachment and electromagnetic fields. It is from the Elohim and from Mintaka, Orion. It is important to make the sounds like I say them and to space the words the same…hence the audio below so that you can hear this. Stand with your left hand in front of your base chakra, fingers pointing down and the right hand in front of your heart chakra, fingers pointing up. Saying this mantra helps your body and mind stay in balance.

Written: Allium   Ya Mar Seen Ya   Kraj nea   Melchior   Orionis

Phonetically: Al ee uum   Ya Mar Seen Ya   Krahj Nee Ah   Mel Kee Or   Oar Ee O nis

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Clear the Body’s Energy Circuits of Distortion

The accelerating energy changes affecting Earth are also affecting us. Blocks or distortions in the conduction of universal energy through the energy conduction systems of the body can cause fatigue, aches and pains and emotional imbalance. They can lead to disease states manifesting in the body, as the organs of the body don’t receive the energy they need to remain healthy. In addition, increased radiation is now affecting Earth, which puts an added strain on the body. Add to this the human energy field distorting electromagnetic vibrations of cellphones, computers and the like and you can understand why more and more people are getting sick!

Past and present life thoughts, feelings and beliefs held as off pitch vibrations on all levels of our energy anatomy also create a disturbance to the normal flow of energy through the body. I call this distortion karmic miasmic patterning, but it is a little like energy parasites attaching to our light body, or ‘wrong notes’ playing in a beautiful piece of music, the ‘symphony of our soul’.

Many of the free energy activations and the CD programs Tuning the Physical Instrument, Healing the Pain, and Weight Loss for Body and Mind found on this website will rapidly clear this blocked karmic miasmic energy. Remember we have all accumulated these ‘parasites’ during our many physical lifetimes on Earth. Give yourself a few months, or even a few years working consistently by listening to the energy tracks to clear these karmic patterns. The energy transmissions work rather like homeopathy in erasing the distorted energy vibrations. Each time you repetitively listen to the audios more of the energy distortion is cleared.

This clearing of karmic distortion is part of our process of ascension. When your energy changes, you will change and when you change, everything in your life will change…for the better!

Practice Yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi

Practice yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi to assist with energy conduction through the body and to keep your spine and joints flexible. This will greatly assist your body to cope with the accelerating energies and remain strong and healthy. The Tibetan ‘Five Rites’ is also good to practice. Regular massage, especially Thai massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Acupuncture or reflexology will also support the maintenance of good health.

Fast Walking

Walk fast for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. This will help your lymphatic system release toxins, uplift your spirit and tone your muscles. Dancing is also great.

Eat Super Foods Daily

Eat super foods such as chlorella and spirulina. I add a tea spoon of each to apple juice. Add liquid chlorophyll and lemon juice to your drinking water. Food containing chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants really helps the body heal and regenerate. Another super food you might like to consider is adding the spice turmeric to your diet. You can add it to hot water and drink it. It stains, so clean your teeth afterwards, but it supports the body on many levels. Tumeric is one of nature’s most powerful healers and is a preventative agent for a wide range of diseases including cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. It helps prevent liver damage.

St. Germain’s Oatmeal for Regeneration

The Ascended Master St. Germain was known as the wonder man of Europe in the 18th Century as he did not appear to age. He is said to have eaten a great deal of oatmeal and to have been a vegetarian. In Singapore he gave us his oatmeal recipe for longevity and regeneration. He said that the combination of ingredients balances the elemental composition of the body.

St. Germain’s Oatmeal Recipe
Per Serving (place in a serving bowl)
Organic, raw oatmeal in the quantity desired. (Not instant oatmeal)
Cold or warm alkaline water to moisten as preferred. (stir together)

Mix together in a separate small bowl the juice of half a lemon, one raw organic egg yolk, one large teaspoon of raw unheated liquid honey. Add to oatmeal. Note: Do not cook this mixture.

The Archangel Metatron Energy Activation

Energy and information transmitted from the Archangel Metatron and the Elohim to set energy grids within your body to prepare you for the Earth’s shift to the fifth dimension. The words spoken hold specific frequencies of sound and light that will expand you into a greater awareness of your soul’s true path and purpose and allow you to release resistances of thought that may be holding you back.

Also included in this transmission are sound sequences to prepare the cells of the body to handle fifth dimensional frequency, to upgrade the capacity of the brain to accept new, higher dimensional information, to activate the release of soul knowledge memory from the soul’s DNA, the soul’s Akashic records and to give you some protection from increased radiation and the electromagnetic effects on the body of earth grid changes.

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Archangel Zadkiel Energy Activation Transmission

This energy activation transmission is part of the Divine Plan for the evolutionary upgrade for Earth’s people. Read on …

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