Prayer of Protection

A prayer gifted by the Lady Mary. This is a good prayer to begin your day or say before spiritual practice or healing work. (PDF) Read or download.

Prayer For Protection

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Setting up a Barrier of Protection

This energy mantra will set up a barrier of protection to make you less of a magnet to lower vibrational energies from people or from other energy fields that might drain you. As your light increases so too can your susceptibility to lower vibrational energies. Some people who are highly sensitive also seem to draw other lower vibrational energies to them like a magnet.

This energy mantra will also help if you are a healer to be able to work with people without being affected by their energy.

Stand with your arms by your sides about a foot out from the body – thumbs in and palms facing out.
Say these words three times with focused intention:

Written: Allium   Ya Mar Seen Ya   Kraj nea   Melchior   Orionis

Phonetically: Al ee uum   Ya Mar Seen Ya   Krahj Nee Ah   Mel Kee Or   Oar Ee O nis

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The Sacred Song of On or Anu, the Mystery School Teachings of Heliopolis, Egypt

The Song of the Heart – The Song of Anu (On)

Ani Nepthys Mickaya Ya Sa
Cou To Mareenya Akhu
Eenya Mar Key Sta
Ya Kine Ya A Naan Ya
Eenya Ay Key Stra Anu

Translation of the Song of Anu

The protection of God is paramount for the forces of life shall be held back from darkness in this place. (Anu/On)

For the light is held here to vanquish evil and in this place there is only the love of God, as it is in the heart of man that this is created. It is truth that the words of God may also be found here in this place of the heart. Search deeply within (the heart) and there you will find God. This is the key to life everlasting and the secret of Anu (On).