“For the next three years I studied energy healing, working in the human energy field studying towards a Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences. I was already a qualified physiotherapist with a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology. From the time I began to work with Balthazar I have connected with spirit every day of my life. After a year with Balthazar I was ‘stepped up’ and began working with Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, Djwahl Khul and Kuan Yin; Lords Melchizadek, Archangels Michael, Metatron and Vywamus and others of the spiritual hierarchy.

“In 1999 I began teaching workshops and practicing as an energy healer.

“In 2002 my guides, by now predominantly the Elohim, told me that they wanted to advance the work and sent me to Bali. I spent six weeks in a little cottage in the rice fields near Ubud, having daily lessons with Spirit about the DNA and what this would mean for the work ahead. I began to understand that in the third dimension our DNA, the human genome, is limited.  What would occur when this current 26,000 year cycle ended, when the Earth completed a great arc of procession and aligned with the Galactic Center, was a shift of the Earth into a new, upgraded, fifth dimensional energy pattern and vibration. I was told that it was actually four great ages, each of almost 26,000 years that would be coming to an end. It was explained that the Earth was once a fifth dimensional planet called Tara and had only fallen in consciousness and vibration because of the effects of an angelic rebellion in the lower heavens.

“The Fifth Dimension is a restoration for the Earth, but because it is a faster pulsating energy environment, the Elohim told me that the physical body of man would also need to be prepared for this new energy environment. They said the body would need to go through a process of re-synthesis and re-genesis. It was explained to me that the upgrade of the physical body was also aligned with an upgrade in consciousness and that to prepare for Earth shift people needed to develop thought energy of peace, love and unity with all life.

“It all began to make sense to me and then I better understood an experience that had occurred for me early in 1999.

“I had gone to speak about energy healing at a friend’s personal empowerment workshop and met a man called Alvin. The next evening Alvin called me and asked if he could come to my house. He said that he felt very strange, as if a wave of vibration was running through his body and that he didn’t feel well. When Alvin arrived, I asked him to lie on my massage table and checked his chakras with a pendulum as I had been taught in my energy healing classes.   I didn’t find much wrong, but then I heard the words “he has an entity”. At the time this was new to me, but I put my hands on his feet and prayed to the Archangel Michael for help. I felt a tremendous surge of energy running through my body and out through my feet. Alvin’s body jerked up and then subsided back down on the table. His eyes were closed and he did not speak. After a couple of minutes I asked him whether he was okay.

“I can’t open my eyes,” he said. “I’m on a space ship and I’m out in the universe. I can see the stars through a window and I can see the Earth. They say that they have brought me here for energy activation so that the right time I can bring information through that will help the Earth.

“Alvin was a scientist, working with solar energy, so I could understand why this had occurred for him. Like my own work, it was all part of a bigger picture and ‘plan’.

“For the next two hours Alvin described to me all he could see on the space ship. He painted visual pictures of the beings he saw, some very tall with large upturned eyes, some quite short with rounded eyes and some looking very strange indeed. The colors on the inside of the spaceship he described as silver, gold, turquoise and red. This interested me as these were also predominant colors in 18th dynasty Egypt. This civilization appears to have had strong links with the stars, especially Sirius.

“Then Alvin said that he had a message for me.

They say that you Judy will be prepared with unique energies. They say that your role is to recode the DNA.

“At the time I could not really understand, as I had never heard of Light Language and had no idea how I was to ‘recode the DNA’, but as time has gone on, it has all come to pass just as they said.

“The next major development for me was in 2002 when I began to spontaneously speak Light Language. This happened at a spiritual festival in New Zealand called Convergence, which takes place annually at New Year near Christchurch.

“I was speaking to all the people gathered together in the marquee on New Year’s Day 2002 when my hands shot up and a language, very strange to my ears began to stream from my mouth. It was told by my guides that it was an energy activation to prepare the people for a new time that was to come.

“After this I began to be introduced to and work with Star Beings. I had always been a bit resistant to any involvement with extraterrestrials, as I couldn’t really see a connection between them, if they were actually real, and the Elohim, Ascended Masters and the angels, who were so familiar to me.

“I was just asked to trust the process and worked with each ‘Christed’ star race in turn, first the Hathors, then the Arcturians and Siriuns. I felt their love and began to understand that they are just like us and we are like them, except that our bodies are adapted to a different world.

“Since the year 2000, star gates or portals in space have been opening, allowing higher and higher dimensional light to reach the Earth in preparation for the Earth’s shift to a fifth dimensional vibration. There was a rapid opening for many people into more understanding of their multi-dimensional spiritual selves.

“Since 2012, when the Earth shifted a faster pulsation energy vibration called the fifth dimension, we have been integrating and recalibrating to the upgraded Earth vibration. This is preliminary to our own human upgrade. In the beginning God spoke the Word.  Now new words are being spoken to spark a new beginning and activate more of our true human DNA potential. Until 2033 humankind is moving through a time of human evolutionary change and regenesis.”

Judy in India
Judy in India.  She has a strong connection with the Indian people and has spent extended time in India, especially at Pyramid Valley, near Bangalore, the foundation inaugurated by Bramarshi Patriji, and Pyramid Meditation Society, India.  Judy has also travelled throughout Nepal.
2017 Mana Retreat Group
Judy with retreat participants at the Mana Retreat Centre in New Zealand.
Judy with her sons
Judy is a mother and grandmother and although her head is often in the realm of Spirit, her feet are firmly on the ground!   She is pictured here with her sons, Richard, (left) and Nick, (right).
Judy with her grandchildren
Judy with her two grand-daughters Sarcha and Gracie. She also has a grandson, Rai.
Kowhai FlowerJudy Satori was born in New Zealand and now divides her time between this country and the USA. Her work has taken her to many countries: Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Germany, Poland, India and France. She has been a guest speaker on many global radio shows and at international spiritual events. Judy is a mother and grandmother. Family is very important to her and she enjoys spending summers at home in New Zealand.