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Finding the Golden Tara 2018 Tour

Join Judy Satori for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime to the mysterious, dramatically beautiful Ladakh, “land of the high passes”. This year Judy will be taking 2 tour groups to Ladakh. These tours will be her last trip to Ladahk. Tour One Delhi to Leh … Leh to Delhi Wednesday, August 1 – Monday, August 13 Days 1, 2,

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8.8.8. Lionsgate

Every year on the 8th of August a cosmic alignment occurs called the “Lions Gateway”, or “Lionsgate”. From the 22nd of July leading up to this alignment a powerful energy portal opens to allow for streams of light to flow to Earth. This year, 2017, is a year of preparation. It is a year of new beginning and being made

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Tara and the People of Mu

Tara - Star Earth

A Story from the Heart of the 22 Galaxies… The story of Tara and the people of Mu comes to us from a Star Council of New Creation at the heart of 22 galaxies. These galaxies, that are part of what Scientists call the Local Group, are strung together in a gigantic diamond shaped configuration in the cosmos. The audio

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How to Create

create dreams

This week I’m being asked by Spirit to explain how we can use our words to create.  God created with the WORD and so can we.  You know this I’m sure, but let’s learn to use our words more potently to create the outcomes we seek. Every word we speak has an energy and energy is light, sound, vibration and

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