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Tara and the People of Mu

Tara - Star Earth

A Story from the Heart of the 22 Galaxies… The story of Tara and the people of Mu comes to us from a Star Council of New Creation at the heart of 22 galaxies. These galaxies, that are part of what Scientists call the Local Group, are strung together in a gigantic diamond shaped configuration in the cosmos. The audio

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Beyond Healing Questions Archive

Beyond Healing Radio Show Archive Questions and Answers Only Audios of every question and answer from Judy’s Beyond Healing Radio Show on Pyramid One Network. CLICK ON THE DATE BELOW FOR A LISTING OF EACH SHOW’S QUESTIONS ANSWERED AUDIOS.  

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Mental and Emotional Stability

Mental and Emotional Stability Clearing Anxiety Mantra Light Language mantras to quickly clear feelings of tension and anxiety and surround yourself with spiritual protection and light. Listen here or right click here to download. Clearing Of Past Life Fear And Mistrust Light Language to quickly clear irrational feelings of isolation caused by fear of the actions of others and mistrust

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