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Intuition CruiseIntuition Cruise

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Magnificent Cruise Ship, United States

Sunday, April 9 – Saturday, April 15

Join Judy and Other Like-Minded Souls in the Experience of a Lifetime. Intuition Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea from Ft. Lauderdale to Mayan Riviera. On this Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea, we will learn how to connect with Spirit and how to listen to the “still small voice” of intuitive wisdom. Some of the methods we will discover and use during our amazing workshop program will include: meditation, intuition, spiritual healing, yoga, Sufi dance, kirtan and bhajans, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, inner guidance, divination, astrology, psychic mediumship, palmistry, spiritual discernment, past life regression, mysticism, divine contact, psychic protection, self-empowerment, psychology, hypnotherapy, soul releasement, psychic readings, muscle testing, telepathy, psychometry, dowsing, channeling, gems, crystals, minerals, art therapy, medical intuition, near-death experiences, working with chakras, mental and spiritual transformation, and much more!

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Activating Soul WisdomActivating Soul Wisdom:
Turning Vision Into Reality

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel
515 Fellowship Road, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Sunday, April 30: 10am – 5pm

ACTIVATING SOUL WISDOM will connect you with more of the knowledge of what your special gifts are for people and the planet and activate your ability to bring them forward.

Since January 2017, a new and very potent energy of God creation has been coming to Earth from the heart-center of a 22 galaxy, Multi-Galactic, Diamond shaped grouping of galaxies.

Each of these galaxies hold powerful energies to activate more of our human DNA code and to instill and activate knowledge and abilities that we each hold within the DNA memory of our soul.

The number 22 is a Master Builder number and with this energy coming from the 22 galaxies you will be stepped up in personal mastery with a greater ability to build and create a new life for yourself.

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Bosnian Pyramid TourDiscover the Bosnian Healing Pyramids

Sunday, May 13 – Friday, May 19

Tour organized by Pyramid Meditation, India

These man made pyramids were only discovered quite recently by Dr. Sam Osmanigich, a leading research archeologist in Bosnia. Judy will be presenting two channeled presentations, part one and part two of “Unlocking an Ancient Legacy”.

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