Activating Soul Wisdom

Activating Soul Wisdom


Turning Vision into Reality

Judy Satori transmits new energy from the Multi-Galactic Diamond

All Day Workshop – Sunday, April 30 at
DoubleTree Suites at Hilton Hotel, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey


ACTIVATING SOUL WISDOM will connect you with more of the knowledge
of what your special gifts are for people and the planet and
activate your ability to bring them forward.


Since January 2017, a new and very potent energy of God creation has been coming to Earth from the heart-center of a 22 galaxy, Multi-Galactic, Diamond shaped grouping of galaxies.

Each of these galaxies hold powerful energies to activate more of our human DNA code and to instill and activate knowledge and abilities that we each hold within the DNA memory of our soul.

The number 22 is a Master Builder number and with this energy coming from the 22 galaxies you will be stepped up in personal mastery with a greater ability to build and create a new life for yourself.

  • Information and insights from the 22 galaxies of the Multi-Galactic Diamond will assist you to step up in the game of life and fulfill your soul purpose;
  • Energy transmissions working on very deep levels of physical and soul DNA will transform your image of ‘self’ and your day-to-day reality;
  • The activation of previously dormant soul DNA wisdom and knowledge from previous lifetimes will open you to expanded potential in your life and in your work;
  • Grounded, real life processes will be taught by Spirit to support you in manifesting your goals and desires;
  • To conclude the day there will be a Q and A session with Spirit to answer your soul purpose and manifestation questions.

Additional Bonus Offers …

  • The opportunity to win a free personal session with Judy
  • Gifts and free giveaways throughout the day
  • A group reading, message and blessing
  • Lots of hugs!
  • Post event emailed information and access to Mp3 audio energy transmissions from the event

Also included in the ACTIVATING SOUL WISDOM event

  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • Full buffet lunch in the Garden Room

Your Investment: $222.00

Places are limited for this event. It will not be repeated.
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Judy SatoriJudy’s Story

“I had an inkling about a new and very potent spectrum of energy becoming accessible to us on Earth back in 2014, but it is only from January this year that I have been actually been working with this very powerful energy as it has only this year become accessible.

It is as if we are beginning to tap into a much stronger energy of ‘God mind’ or God’s creation.

I am told that the new energy is to the power of 22 times more powerful than when we were solely accessing God creation energy from the heart center of our Milky Way galaxy.

I am so excited about the new possibilities becoming available to all of us.

At my Sydney and New Zealand Regenesis events I have seen people being transformed with an added energy and vitality.  We all feel younger, brighter and more alive.

However human kind is still only on the cusp of DNA change and upgrade.

Everything that Spirit has said for years would happen is now happening!

I have personally experienced a degree of physical regeneration already.

The  languages that I speak and have spoken for 15 years have transformed and now sound very different.

In the past few weeks I have come to know more.

The Council of El Sa Om is like the Council of Amenti within the inner Earth, except that this combined energy of new creation is coming from an inter-dimensional space within the heart center of a Multi-Galactic Diamond shaped grouping of 22 galaxies.  These galaxies together create a ‘oneness’, a linking together of all life.


What People Say So Far in 2017

From True Colors in New Zealand 

“I am thrilled to be part of the True Colors course. I feel that all my 20 years of struggling on this path have been worth it. Nothing has impacted me as much as True Colors. It feels like coming home.” ~Annie


“Four years ago I was critically injured, put into a coma and air lifted to hospital to save my life. I have had no memory of the event. After listening to ‘rewiring neuron pathways’ from True Colors I woke with a ‘knowing’ of what happened. Please believe me Judy when I say you are making a huge difference in people’s lives.” ~Camille


“So far I’ve found the biggest shifts for me in True Colors with the hara line work to realign me with my purpose. It is giving me an inner strength and an ability to be more direct and connect to what is right for me. Big thumbs up!”  ~Deb

From Regenesis in New Zealand and Australia

“I have spent 63 years ‘doing’ and now plan to spend the next 63 ‘being’. This morning I was alone in the Sanctuary and my ‘new’ sound burst forth with such joy and strength that I was left in tears. Thank you, thank you Judy for all you are and for all you do.” ~ Joan


“The Mana Regenesis retreat was a 10/10 for me. A major benefit was all the energy clearing and transmissions received. Mana Retreat Centre and the Goddess Tara Sanctuary was such wonderful energy.”


“The Regensis retreat has opened my mind to infinite and new possibilities. Judy, you explain every facet of the experience so comprehensively and inclusively. I really felt the shifts with the clearing for procrastination! Thank you.” ~ Aroha


“Judy you have empowered me to heal myself, to observe and be able to shift my aches and pains. The techniques of the Magenta Pyramid, harmonizing blood and breath and all the ‘big picture’ information given in the course was excellent. Regenesis has helped me to find a new purpose, a new passion and to live my life in excitement and joy.” ~ Sheryle


“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being you. You are wonderful and I just love the person you are. The way you are one with your class, your love and your humor seals your fate as a teacher, leader and presenter of energy work. Thank you Judy for bringing ‘The Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration’ to Australia. Looking forward to True Colors.” ~ Linda


“Thank you for an amazing seminar. I feel that I have been upgraded and cleared of much karmic residue. The event was excellent.” ~ Susy

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Date: Sunday, April 30

Time: 10am – 5pm (registration begins at 9:15 am)

Venue: DoubleTree Hotel, 515 Fellowship Road N,
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

DoubleTree Rooms: Room block has expired but they will work with you on getting a good rate. Call 856.778.8999 and tell them you are part of the Activating Soul Wisdom group (C36).

Accommodations Elsewhere: Multiple hotels within walking distance at different price points. Click here for details



Transportation from NYC area: Take a bus to the Greyhound bus station in Mt. Laurel. The bus terminal is less than a 2 block walk to the hotel.

Drive from NYC & North Jersey: From NJ Turnpike. Take exit 4 follow RTE. 73 N, 100 yards to first traffic light at Fellowship Road. Turn right onto Fellowship Rd. Proceed 1/4 mile to hotel on the left.

From Philadelphia area: Walt Whitman Bridge to New Jersey. I-295 North to Exit 36A. Through 1st light (Fellowship Road) take right turn onto Fellowship Road NORTH, and cross over Route 73 onto Fellowship Road. The hotel is about 2 blocks down at 1st light, turn left.

Tacony Bridge to New Jersey. Travel RTE. 73 S. Pass Rt 295 entrances to the light at Fellowship Road (Bob Evans Restaurant on the corner). Go through the light and take the jug handle to cross over Route 73 onto Fellowship Road. The hotel is about 2 blocks down at 1st light, turn left.

Drive from Delaware & Maryland: Follow the directions above for Walt Whitman Bridge from Philadelphia; or use the turnpike north and take exit 4.

Trains: You can also take a train to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and a bus to Mt. Laurel terminal from there.

From Philadelphia International Airport: I-95 North. Walt Whitman Bridge to New Jersey. I-295 North to Exit 36A. Through 1st light (Fellowship Road) take right turn onto Fellowship Road NORTH, and cross over Route 73 onto Fellowhip Road. At 1st light (.25 miles) turn left. (approx. 30 min.)

From Newark International Airport: NJ Turnpike South to Exit 4 (Route 73 North), 100 yards to 1st traffic Light at Fellowship Road. Turn right onto Fellowship Road North. Proceed 1/4 mile to hotel on the left. (approx. 1.15 min)

From Atlantic City International Airport: Exit Airport to Atlantic City Expressway West to Rte 73 North to Fellowship Road in Mt. Laurel. Turn right onto Fellowship Rd and proceed for 1/4 mile to hotel on the left. (approx. 57 min)