Finding the Golden tara

Join Judy Satori for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime to the mysterious, dramatically
beautiful Ladakh, “land of the high passes”

This year Judy will be taking 2 tour groups to Ladakh. These tours will be her last trip to Ladahk.

Tour One
Delhi to Leh … Leh to Delhi
Wednesday, August 1 – Monday, August 13
Days 1, 2, 3, (Leh), 4,5 (Nubra Valley), 6, (Leh), 7 (Thicksey Monastery),
8, 9 (Pangong Lake), 10, 11, 12 (Leh) 13, (to Delhi)

 Tour One is Now Full!

Tour Two
Delhi to Leh … Leh to Delhi
Saturday, August 18 – Friday, August 30
Days 1, 2, 3, (Leh), 4,5 (Nubra Valley), 6, (Leh), 7 (Thicksey Monastery),
8, 9 (Pangong Lake), 10, 11, 12 (Leh) 13, (to Delhi)

 Tour Two is Now Full!

Ladakh Lake

Ladakh, situated in the eastern half of India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, is the only region outside of Tibet where you can visit so many Buddhist monasteries and where Tibetan culture and religion thrives in its native setting.

Judy Satori at Chang la Pass

Judy Satori visited Ladakh in 2016 on her search for clarity for the next chapter of her own life. Now you too can travel this same path as you explore Ladakh with Judy and connect with the energies of the Golden Tara. Access the inner truth of your heart and soul to guide you into your future self.

Golden Tara

Goddess Golden Tara is the pre-eminent Goddess of the Buddhist religion, great mother Goddess of the Earth. Consort of Maitreya the future Buddha, Golden Tara comes to gently guide us along our path of soul expansion.

Judy Satori’s “Search for the Golden Tara”, spiritual adventure tour of Ladakh will be a process of profound initiation, preparing you for spiritual advancement and greater soul expression.


  • Travel throughout Ladakh in comfortable 4WD vehicles – small groups
  • Relax in beautiful gardens in the warm summer sun
  • Visit the most famous Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh
  • Explore Ladakhi and Tibetan culture, art, food, music and dance
  • Meditate with the monks at Thickse Monastery
  • Browse jewelry, art and curio shops in old town Leh
  • Explore the desert oases of the Nubra Valley
  • Cross Changla Pass, the second highest drivable pass in the world
  • Experience an initiation event with Golden Tara at the ‘roof of the world’
Judy with frends



All inclusive, 13 day, 12 night spiritual adventure in Ladakh, India, plus personal time with Judy and teaching sessions; Pangon Lake and Thicksey Monastery energy events with Golden Tara. Tour includes accommodation, food, land transport, air fares return from Delhi to Ladakh, tips, monastery entry fees.

Deposit: $833.25 USD (Payable by April 25)
Final Payment: $2499.75 USD (Payable by July 1)
Total Cost: $3333 US Dollars
Pay by direct deposit to my New Zealand bank account (no fees).

Tour One

Wednesday, August 1 – Monday, August 13
Days 1, 2, 3, (Leh), 4,5 (Nubra Valley), 6, (Leh), 7 (Thicksey Monastery),
8, 9 (Pangong Lake), 10, 11, 12 (Leh) 13, (to Delhi)

Tour Two is Filled

Saturday, August 18 – Friday, August 30
Days 1, 2, 3, (Leh), 4,5 (Nubra Valley), 6, (Leh), 7 (Thicksey Monastery),
8, 9 (Pangong Lake), 10, 11, 12 (Leh) 13, (to Delhi)

Judy’s Journey …

Judy - Garden LadakhJudy has visited India several times and has long been an energy conduit for the Buddhist Goddess Tara. Several years ago while in Nepal Judy discovered a book about a Golden Tara in a book store in Kathmandu. This book described the journey by the author Dieter Glogowski to remote Lingshed Monastery in Ladakh, where he met with an elderly Lama who asked him to find a lost statue of a Golden Tara.

Judy was intrigued by the story as she had only ever experienced Tara in her Green Tara and White Tara energy emanations. She had never heard of a Golden Tara, but she now felt her energy.

So, in 2016, Judy traveled to Ladakh on her own personal quest to find the Golden Tara.

She spent seven weeks literally crossing the high mountain passes of Ladakh, but on the inner planes she crossed a great divide within herself. Her search for the Golden Tara brought her clarity for her future life and work and her transition into the new energy of “God’s creation” that is now coming forth in her work.



Ladakh images



Ladakh Lake

Our All Inclusive Tour Includes …


  • Return flights from Delhi to Leh
  • 12 nights accommodation in ensuite twin share rooms. (single suppl. $300.00)
  • Transport throughout Ladakh (small groups) in 4WD vehicles
  • Breakfast for 13 days
  • All lunches and dinners (except 1 dinner)
  • Monastery entrance fees
  • Foreign permits for travel to border areas
  • Tea, coffee, water on excursions
  • Cultural and dance performances
  • Meditations, energy transmissions and initiation with Judy and Golden Tara

Meet Sameeta

SameetaSameeta Nanjiani from Mumbai will be travelling with us on the tour. Sameeta is well versed in organizing spiritual tours to Ladakh. She is a spiritual teacher and light worker, teaching meditation and energy work. Sameeta is especially interested in crystals and crystal bowl healing and holds classes throughout India and in Asia.

Travel to Leh


Aerial View of HimalyasFlights from Delhi to Leh leave in the early morning daily in the summer months of June until October. The journey from Delhi takes only an hour and 15 minutes, but for panoramic mountain views it has few equals.

After crossing the Indian plains the aircraft flies over the lesser and greater Himalayas, the Pir Panjal mountains and the Zanskar range.

The touch down at Leh Airport does not disappoint. The landscape is other worldly, with a monastery on a cliff at the end of the tarmac!

Judy and Sameeta will meet you at Delhi and accompany you every step of the way.

Personal Safety

Ladakh is a remote and isolated state of India. Tourism only began in this region after Delhi opened the borders to travelers in 1974.

Ladakhi people are friendly and easy to interact with and many speak English.

Judy says, “I spent seven weeks in Leh as a woman alone and felt entirely safe. Highways are well maintained in this border area by the Indian Army, which has a very visible presence. Drivers are good at their job!”

Indian Visas

Foreign travel permits will be procured on behalf of the group and these fees are included in the tour price.

Please check the visa requirements for travel to India from your country. You may need to allow six weeks to get a tourist visa from the Indian High Commission or embassy. You can also get this visa online. Visitors from some countries can get a tourist visa on arrival at Delhi. This may change without notice so consulting the Indian Immigration website and procuring a visa in advance is a wise precaution.

Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months AFTER your date of RETURNING HOME. Visa questions or difficulties: Email Sameeta at

Ladakh People

Muslim festival mealThe universal greeting is “Julay”, which means both hello and thank you.

Culturally Ladakh is largely Tibetan and it is the only major region where Tibetan religion and culture flourishes without repression.

The people of Leh are predominantly Buddhist. They are happy, contented people, who greet tourists to their country with a smile.

There are also Muslim traders from Kashmir in Leh.

Judy says, “These young muslim men invited me to partake in their Eid al-Adha festival meal.”

Food and Beverages

Indian foodThe food available in the tourist areas of Ladakh is prepared safely and well. Bottled water is provided. The food at Omasila is first class and the cafes and upmarket restaurants in Leh are quite sophisticated in their menu choice and presentation.

In Leh there is a German Bakery selling baked goods and expresso coffee, cafes where you can enjoy Indian, Ladakhi and Tibetan cuisine and shops selling fresh nuts and apricots, apples and other freshly picked organic produce.

If spicy food is not to your taste you can order salads, steamed vegetables, chicken, fresh fish from mountain streams, bread, rice and pasta.

Judy says, “I have never been ill from poorly prepared food while traveling in India. Water used to prepare salads and fruit is purified.”

Medical Information

The major health hazard for visitors to Ladakh is mountain sickness as when you arrive by air you are coming from the plains of Delhi to Leh, which is at an altitude of over 11,000 feet. If you rest on arrival you should have little or no problem adjusting to being in Ladakh.

Hotel staff and doctors in Ladakh are experienced in dealing with mountain sickness. Mountain sickness, (AMS) to give it its full medical name, is completely preventable if you rest and allow your body to acclimatize to the lower oxygen content of the air.

If you suffer from asthma or have chronic breathing, heart or lung issues, you should consult a doctor about your desire to visit Ladakh and obtain medical clearance.

This tour does not require you to walk long distances.

Cancellation Policy

Flights to Ladakh fill quickly during the tourist season of May to October. We need to book flights from Delhi to Leh by the middle of May, or pay a premium. This is the reason for the additional charges after this date. It is high tourist season. Hotels also need to be paid well in advance to hold room reservations.

A deposit of $833.25 USD is required to reserve your place. This deposit is fully refundable before May 1, 2018 should you need to cancel.

Should you need to cancel between May 1, 2018 and July 10, 2018, 50% of the total cost of the tour will be refunded less deposit and travel fees already booked.

After July 10, 2018 – no refunds can be made.

Please ensure that you have travel insurance to protect you in this eventuality.

Important Disclaimer

Judy Satori’s “Search for the Golden Tara” spiritual adventure tour to Ladakh is exactly this … an adventure tour to a remote and foreign land.

Neither Judy Satori, Sameeta Nanjiani, nor any individual or agency contracted to provide services in connection with this tour may be held liable in the unlikely event of accident or injury, health or medical issues or misadventure, missed travel connections or delays, accommodation or food/beverage issues, or any other unforeseen issues whatsoever that may arise while an individual is on the 13 day, 12 night “Finding the Golden Tara” tour to Ladakh.

While every effort will be made to ensure that the experience of each individual is as described in the itinerary and website information, no guarantees can be given regarding spiritual experiences and future outcomes. Spiritual evolution is a unique and personal journey. It is designed by Soul and Spirit and by our own free will creation.

It is fully understood and agreed that in every respect both Judy Satori’s Spiritual adventure tours to Ladakh, August 1 – 13 and August 18 – 30, 2018, is undertaken entirely at an individual’s personal request and at their own risk.

Please refer to the cancellation policy. Tour participants are advised to have medical and travel insurance before traveling to India and to procure Indian visas as soon as possible after committing to this tour. People with chronic asthma, lung or heart related issues, or with physical disabilities of any kind, should consult their medical adviser (ie, personal physician) to obtain clearance to travel to high altitudes.

Climate and Clothes

August is summer in Ladakh. Shielded by the Himalayas the region is very dry with a low rainfall of only 3.5 inches annually. July and August is peak tourist season and you can normally count on fine weather, warm afternoon sunshine. Nights can remain chilly. Maximum August temperatures are 77 degrees F. and 25 degrees C.

Pack light and comfortable casual clothing, with a light wrap, sweat shirt or cardigan that you can wear at night. Sandals, jandals are fine, with light sports shoes for walking. You will not need hiking boots unless you plan to stay on for hiking in Ladakh.

Arrival in Ladakh

Fly from your home location to New Delhi, India. Google and compare global travel site flights to Delhi. An excellent air travel website is

Please ensure that you get your Indian Tourist Visa as soon as possible. Citizens of some countries can get a tourist visa on arrival in Delhi for a maximum 30 day stay.