NewLife Expo – NYC

NewLife Expo – New York City
Hotel New Yorker (34th & 8th Ave)

Saturday, October 28 – Time TBD

My Day to Speak With YOU

Judy will be at her table at the Expo to answer questions and to speak with you. All Judy’s latest programs will be available for sale. Judy can assist you to quickly feel better and balance your energy. You can sign up at her table for 15 minute sessions as time allows for a nominal fee.

Sunday, October 29 – Time TBD

Lecture – The Language of “Beyond the Beyond”

For the past 15 years Judy Satori has spoken Energy Words of New Creation, spiritual languages of Light, and of re-creation, designed to clear karmic blocks and accelerate our human process of spiritual and physical ascension. Now Judy comes to New York to speak another tongue … a new language … Energy Words of Advancement, from a place known as “Beyond the Beyond”.

Spirit says that there is an incredible potential locked within human DNA that is our legacy from the times of Zep Tepi, the first times, when Earth was a star called Tara…that there is an ancient legacy of advanced understanding and manifestation of what it is to be human, waiting for us to find. And in that discovery, all life on Earth will evolve and upgrade and a new time of Regenesis will begin.

Special 2-hour Workshop – Transmissions for Human Advancement – Time TBD

We are entering into a time period on Earth known as “The Time of the Great Return”. It is an era when spiritual gifts and blessings are being given to those of Earth’s people who hold a consciousness of peace and love and who unite to create positive change for all.

As has been promised in many ancient writings, a great outpouring of knowledge and technology is coming forth so that humanity can re-create their Earthly home to be a place of peace and plenty. For many years we have been living through a process of spiritual preparation. Now we are ready and the energy required to catalyze this change is coming forth as part of a divine plan.

What is needed to activate advancement in knowledge and technology out there in the world, is change within US. The good news is that human beings are being spiritually upgraded to express more of the true potential that is locked into human DNA.

NewLife Expo - NYC


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Special Event: Monday, October 30 – Time TBD

Going Beyond Healing
Getting Well and Regenerating the Body

As we open to our spiritual path, which really represents an expansion into more of the truth who we are we are on a soul level, we often experience physical health challenges.

Some people even experience ongoing chronic fatigue and other debilitating chronic dis-ease conditions.
If this sounds like YOU, join Judy for a three-hour special NewLife Expo event. She will explain some the many causes of physical health challenges and how we can not only get well, but how we can also regenerate our bodies.

Judy will teach you from her own experience and from her work with Spirit how to heal yourself. Energy transmissions from this event will be sent to you to help you continue your journey to wellness and experience ongoing vitality and vigor. Hear Judy’s story of how 25 years ago she too had chronic fatigue and why this all too common condition is often part of our opening to our spiritual selves.

Since January this year, Judy has been connecting with and transmitting a new spectrum of energy that acts like “energy alchemy”. You can expect powerful, immediate and ongoing benefits when you listen to these sounds. The very essence of cells of the human body is the atom and atomic structure is part structure and part energy. The energy words that Judy transmits from Spirit act to cause positive change in the body at a cellular and DNA level. They cancel out and alter the off-pitch discordant energy vibrations that precipitate un-wellness.

For more information, schedule and to register, visit NewLife Expo.