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Speaking the Languages of Light: Your Personal Journey

Can everyone speak languages of light?



Why are some animals lucky and some destined to a life of pain, misery and torture. Is this because of their karma? (This person runs an animal shelter)


How can I, who see cruelty every day move beyond the pain I feel. I mean, if you see the animal suffering right in front of you because of pain inflicted upon it by humans, how can I as a person, look beyond it and find peace?


Beginners to This Site

I’m new to your work. Where do I begin on the website?


Can I do multiple programs at once?



Can children listen to the Karma Klear? What would you recommend for them? What ages?


Entrainment with Others

I can feel vibration in my mind from people. Is this possible? Can this type of energy flow from one person to another?


Live Recordings

I have just listened to the new karma klear ‘I can’t do it’. Thank you so very much for this and EVERYTHING you offer Judy! In listening to this track I notice that at the last sequence of light language seems a little distorted as if a person is coughing.



Can I listen when I’m pregnant?



Can we be ‘taken over’ by lower vibrational entities?


Pyramid of Peace, Love and Unity

I have worked every day with the Full Moon transmission of September. When creating peace, love and oneness I feel the peace vibration very easily, but creating the love vibration in the 3rd eye only was impossible. Meanwhile I can create it there, but it feels like something square starting to vibrate in the area of my third eye. It was impossible to “press it out”. I managed to flood my whole body with the vibration flowing down from inside the 3rd eye and only then I could start visualizing a beam of white/golden light leaving my third eye. But this I cannot feel like a vibration, only visualize it. I wonder if my third eye is blocked?


Programs – Online Shopping

I was wondering whether I can combine the energy work for the 21 Keys and Metatronic Energies of New Creation?


I bought two more CDs (Healing the Pain and Tuning Physical Instrument). Can I listen to both these CDs while I follow another program?


Is “low back pain” a symptom of release of beliefs while using the Healing Pain CD?


Tinnitus – Sounds in Ear

I did the Becoming the Sun meditation in the FREE section and when I finished I heard a tone in my left ear. I have been experiencing this for a while, different tones and sounds. Could you clarify for me?


Star Map

Would it be possible to get a pdf of the star map you use in the Peace, Joy and Abundance mp3?


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I would love to see you at this workshop in Florida, to activate and recode the DNA to deliver many benefits to strengthen and revitalize the body! ... See MoreSee Less

Recoding the DNA – New Life Expo West Palm Beach, Florida

April 3, 2017, 6:00pm - April 3, 2017, 9:00pm

In 2017 Judy Satori is exploring new paradigms in the use of multi-dimensional, multi-galactic sound frequencies to regenerate the body.

In her three hour Florida Expo special event Judy will transmit energy words of new creation from an entirely new multi-dimensional spectrum of energy.

This energy is designed by Spirit to activate and recode the DNA and deliver many benefits that go way beyond healing to strengthen and revitalize the body.

The energy words that Judy speaks sound like a very fast multi-tonal language. You will feel the vibrations immediately create positive, life enhancing shifts in both body and mind.

In this event she will also be using sound to balance dis-ease conditions and DNA chromosomal disorders.
Judy Satori is an energy conduit, catalyst and activator for Spirit. Her role is to transmit energy words of new creation, designed to switch on more of our human 12-strand DNA genetic code and optimize human potential. These languages are of God and of love.

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