Four Blessings Energy Transmissions

The ‘Three Blessings’ Energy Transmissions

Judy Satori working with client
These Energy Words are a Gift from God

“These three blessings come to us at this time from the Archangels Uriel and Zadkiel. They have been gifted to help me personally. I have been asked to pass them on to you so that we all might benefit.”

Listen whenever you wish. The more that you listen, the more you will become entrained to these frequencies and attract these blessings to you.

Drink two glasses of water after listening.

Much love and blessings,
Judy Satori

The Blessing of Good Health from the Archangel Uriel

There are many changes occurring at this time both within people and without as the energies affecting the Earth increase in their intensity and as the Earth prepares to alter vibrational resonance. This sudden alteration of the body’s energy fields is causing a great deal of physical challenge and the symptoms of dis-ease and imbalance in the physical body. The frequencies contained within this blessing will allow the organs of the body and the body’s energy circuits to better adapt to change.

Blessing 1 – Intro

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Blessing 1 – Good Health

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The Blessing of Abundance from the Archangel Zadkiel

What is abundance? It is the capacity for a two way flow of energy. It is to give and to receive. When you give you also receive. It allows the flow of energy to also return unhindered to YOU. If you would gain abundance then FEEL abundance in your heart. DEMONSTRATE abundance in your life and THINK abundance in your thoughts. The energies of the blessing of abundance are the energies of Zadkiel. They are designed to open you to the flow of your own creation, so FEEL and THINK freely what it is that you would create.

Blessing 2 – Intro

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Blessings 2 – Abundance

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The Blessing of Joy from God’s Love

Joy is like the opening of a beautiful flower as it comes into bloom. Joy is BEAUTY. Joy is LIGHT. Joy is the drinking in of all that is good and the expression of God from within. When you listen to this blessing, your heart will expand into LOVE. You will blossom as the beautiful flower blossoms at the zenith of a summer’s day. You will radiate your own truth and your own soul light. This is the blessing of God’s LOVE.

Blessing 3 – Intro

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Blessing 3 – Joy

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Instructions for the Fourth Blessing

An Arcturian Healing Technique to assist with clearing soul grief, fear, resistance, anxiety and trauma from the Core Star, the Eternal Essence of your Soul.

You will need to be quiet and uninterrupted to do this technique which should take 5-10 minutes.

Before you begin take a piece of paper and draw on it the shape of a woman’s fan. Divide the fan into seven segments and number them 1-7 going from left to right. Each segment is the same tone or color, but a different shade or vibration of that color. It is like a paint chart when the colors go from dark to light of the same tonal makeup. In this instance the colors on your fan are going from dark to light, from left to right.

These segments represent the seven aspects of the Core Star. These seven aspects are the seven tonal qualities or notes that together when integrated into Divine perfection of an eighth note will create the one harmonious chord of soul bliss, freedom and peace.

The purpose of this technique is for you, yourself to connect to the perfect healing SOUND or NOTE for you to clear discordant frequency from the Core Star and bring the seven off pitch notes of your soul back into harmony and balance.

When you listen to the audio Judy will talk you through the technique, but read this outline first and then you will understand what to do.

Remember you KNOW how to do this and you cannot get it wrong!

There is a lot of pain and trauma emotion to release from the Core Star for most of us. We are now going much deeper than the chakras. This is why the Fourth Blessing is a technique that you will want to use over and over again; any time you feel upset, uncertain or afraid. Releasing one layer of blocked energy will probably give rise to another deeper level of all pain so don’t let this worry you. Just see it all as energy and work to release it.

These feelings are not YOU in the now. They are old outmoded beliefs and fears that have no place in your current reality. When you do this technique you will realize that these feelings are like a paper tiger, that they are illusions and not REAL.

They have become real only because we have felt them so many times and have identified these feelings as being US.

The challenge right now is that as we release all these outmoded fears we temporarily resonate with this energy and WHAT WE ARE IS WHAT WE ATTRACT so don’t let this happen and guard your mind from spiraling down into the feelings.

Understand also that releasing the feelings and allowing them to come up is not the same as attaching to the feelings and solidifying them. SEND THEM LOVE. LOVE YOURSELF through it all and do this technique to help release them.

Fourth Blessing technique

Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths…

Put your left hand on your heart chakra and say: I let go of the control of my mental mind. I connect to the love and wisdom of my heart.

We’re going to be working with the Core Star, the core essence of our soul…the vibration that is the foundation resonance for our whole being and underpinning our hara level, the level of intention of soul purpose; our chakras; our energy field and our physical body.

Imagine the core star being a point of light and sound approximately half way down your torso, just above the navel.

Place your left hand there, resting on your abdomen, while you do this work. Breathe into the Core Star and say to yourself.. I connect my mind and my being with the Core Star.

Feel the energy and feel what the Core Star is saying to you about itself.

Write this down on your piece of paper. It could feel balanced and joyful, it may feel stuck, sad, anxious, frustrated, or ????….

This overall feeling is how your soul’s essence feels NOW, but the feelings are energy that your soul has felt in the PAST. This has nothing to do with your level of soul evolution or ability to ‘get it together’ spiritually. Usually it has everything to do with how much you have BEEN in service in your past lives and the trauma that you have taken into yourself as a result.

If you are going through much inner and outer change right now as I am and many Lightworkers are, you may feel vulnerability, anxiety or even outright fear.

Don’t attach to any of this…just LOVE IT for what it is. Direct your attention to the fan you have drawn on your paper and imagine and know that your core star is resonating or vibrating in seven aspects, like seven notes all making up the one note that you felt when you connected into the feeling.

Each of these seven aspects will probably feel different and have a differing quality of energy and emotion. Each will ‘tell you’ something different about itself.

I want you to feel each in turn as I direct you below and write the quality of energy that each contains onto your fan picture.

Say: I connect my mind and my being with the first aspect of the Core Star.

Know and imagine that you are connecting with the first left hand segment of the fan of energy/sound and vibration in your Core Star.

Feel the quality of this energy and write it down on your fan picture.

Say: I Create the tone that is the perfect harmonic note to heal and balance my Core Star.

Let yourself make the sound that feels right…IT WILL BE RIGHT!!!

Say again: I connect my mind and being with the first aspect of my Core Star.

Feel how the energy feels and write on your paper the quality of the resonance you feel.

My experience and the experience of the few people I’ve taught this to is that the energy feels joyful, but this may not always be the case.

Continue with this technique moving from left to right across all the seven aspects of segments of the CORE STAR writing each quality of energy onto your picture of the fan, clearing and checking in again on how the energy feels.

When you have completed all seven segments, speak directly to your Core Star.

Say: Core Star…Bond and Meld all seven aspects of you into perfect functioning, the perfect note of God’s love. Breathe into the Core Star and say: And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

Be at peace and know that all is well

Blessing 4 – Intro

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Blessing 4 – Arcturian Healing Technique

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