Free Activation Transmissions

Important: Please read before listening

My symptoms, energy and emotional waves have been improving impressively since I started hearing your Meditations, Karma Klear and Activations. I sense everything differently now, with much more awareness, love, compassion and JOY. I’ve been having some beautiful revelations since then too. ~Erika
Listening to these activation transmissions will affect you on all levels of body, mind and spirit and precipitate changes which cannot necessarily be predicted. We all hold energy frequencies in our DNA, cells and energy fields, which are the result of thoughts we have created in the past or had projected at us by others. The intention of the spiritual hierarchy in bringing these sound codes through Judy as the human conduit is to prepare humanity for soul ascension and the changes that lie ahead for us all as we ‘shift’ in energy vibration along with the Earth, our energy ‘Mother’.

You MAY experience fatigue or emotional swings, or you may indeed feel really happy and peaceful. Don’t judge yourself or the work based on your response. You will go through change. Uncomfortable reactions are like a detoxification process of consciousness. Be gentle with yourself.

“You are a wonderful healer…I like your free activations on your website, I listen yesterday evening and its calming me. So that’s the reason I purchase the MP3s this morning. Best wishes and much love from the Netherlands…” ~Liana