Archangel Zadkiel Energy Activation

Archangel Zadkiel Energy Activation Transmission


Archangel ZadkielThis energy activation transmission is part of the Divine Plan for the evolutionary upgrade for Earth’s people. As the Earth prepares for a shift in energy consciousness and vibration, so too do we.

In the beginning, God created with the WORD and it is the WORD, the sound, light and vibrational language syllables of creation that will literally re-create us into beings of greater light, capable of holding a physical body form on a new Earth of faster pulsating frequency and vibration.

Archangel ZadkielThe Archangel Zadkiel often appears along with Michael. He holds a sword high above his head and that sword represents the cutting away of that which does not serve us.

At this time many of you will be seeing this occur in your own lives, as karmic patterns and old outmoded beliefs that are NOT WHO YOU ARE are surfacing to be examined, understood and consciously and lovingly released. We no longer need this pain.

This activation is also under the auspices of the Office of the Christ and the Elohim, for it is the Elohim who hold the keys and codes of creation.

Judy’s role is as a conduit, an energy vessel for the WORD to come through. She has been prepared for this for the past nine years.

We all have a part to play in the unfolding of the Divine Plan, just as we have done this at other times and in other places in our soul’s past. Part of Judy’s purpose is also to be an energy catalyst so that YOU too may open to do the work that YOU have come to do at this very important time.

The energy work begins with physical preparation. Just as the Earth has twelve energy meridians or energy grids, so too do you. These meridians are then flushed with light.

At the time of the 2012 shift the Earth’s polarity changed and the shell of the Earth now spins into another pattern of rotational torque … this is the angle of spin. This has given rise to an alteration in climate and polar alignments, which have become more equatorial, i.e.) closer to the equator.

When this happened, the Brotherhoods of Light released a particular energy download that will allow for the physical body of man to hold higher frequency and consciousness such as has been written. These energy encodements will alter the atomic substrate of people at the cellular and DNA level so a new genetic code for mankind can be created.

The pyramidal form is the supreme symbol of creation and when this symbol of the pyramid appeared in the night sky. At that time, an energetic capstone of light was placed on the Great Pyramid at Giza by the Brotherhoods of Light. The Great Pyramid is at the center of the 12 meridians of light surrounding our planet and at present is the magnetic center of the Earth. At the time of the shift, this old Earth magnetic center changed with the shift in polar magnetics and alignments.

The third aspect of preparation is to do with the Urim and Thummim crystalline grids of light that will form within your energy fields a communication grid. This will allow the sacred sound and light patterns of the Divine Word to form the correct geometries and harmonics and be transmitted in the right way.

To enhance cellular metabolism and function

This will assist you to physically adjust to the downloads of energy affecting the Earth and to detoxify your body quickly…you should feel better…

To improve brain functioning

The right and left hemispheres of the brain will be brought into a better synergy and cohesion so that your thinking becomes clearer and more effective.

To recalibrate the energy circuits of the body

To handle the faster pulsating wave form patterns that will soon be affecting the Earth.


New Neuron pathways within the brain will be opened to allow for an upgrade of information and energy to be integrated within the subconscious and brought into conscious awareness. This is so you can reconnect with cellular soul knowledge, past life knowledge, skill and ability in a conscious way and use this information.

This will allow for the required changes to occur that will allow for later remodeling of the biological physical form.


You may experience short term tiredness. This is because the body is undergoing deep level change. Listen at least three times to these sounds. Place your hands palm up in front of your body unless told otherwise and stand up. If you wish to listen more than three times you can safely do so.

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