Ascension Symptom Help

Ascension Symptom Challenges

Empowerment Rules For Unexpected Emotional Clearing

  1. Emotion is only energy in motion. It is better that these thoughts and feelings are released as emotion than locked inside the body. Try to look at it positively. It is more stressful when don’t understand what is happening to us.
  2. Allow yourself to cry – get it out.
  3. Write down what you have learned from the experience that has triggered the emotion…it is usually something to do with losing your power, feeling isolated from or rejected by others or not feeling love or being loved.
  4. Ask yourself what is the opposite POSITIVE thought or belief about yourself or the situation…keep a healing journal and write in it each time you have an emotional release or feel depressed or otherwise not good. It helps to see what is coming up and your learning around it.
  5. Remember that emotion can sometimes by released physically without feeling emotional at all.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself and do something nice.

Listen to the Three Blessings for Health, Abundance or Joy three times at one session. Do the Fourth Blessing Core Star Technique.

Empowerment Rules for Aches and Pains

This is primarily due to either stuck energy or a build up of toxicity. Both the karmic clearing and the ascension process places strain on the physical body to detoxify itself…ie liver, kidneys, skin.

  1. Drink more water…especially with lemon juice added to alkalinize the body.
  2. Work with detoxifying your body…liver and blood cleanse, digestive/colon cleanse, healthy fresh diet…cut down on wheat, dairy and processed foods.
  3. Exercise to improve lymphatic drainage…physical aerobic exercise is best, ie rebounding, fast walking, running machine, dancing, swimming, jogging, lymphatic drainage massage, massage etc. Move your body!

Even though you may not feel like it, listen to the audio’s on this site. Be like a sponge, lie on the bed and relax. Let the energy do the work.

Empowerment Rules for Puffiness of the Body

  1. Sometimes this can’t be avoided. It is the body trying to adjust to energy downloading. The cells do puff up. Do all the things recommended for aches and pains as above.
  2. Check that it is not water (fluid retention) that is causing the problem. This problem can also be related to energy blocks as you are clearing a particular chakra, ie the sacral clearing can cause lower abdominal bloating. Do the Fourth Blessing or the Chakra Harmony Balancing meditation found in the Chakra and Body Balancing section of Free.
  3. As last resort wear loose fitting clothes and pray!!! Don’t give up in despair and eat all the things you shouldn’t! You will regret it later.