Full Moon Transmissions

Full Moon Transmissions

Regenesis and DNA Recoding

Judy was guided to begin the Full Moon transmissions in 2011 to prepare people to hold fifth dimensional energy.  They include information and energy transmissions from the Elohim, the Creator aspect of God.   Since the shift of the Earth to fifth dimensional energy and vibration they are even more effective as our bodies uptake the entraining energies of new creation more easily.

It’s wonderful to feel the amplified energies, and I am enjoying feeling the two energies coming in – above and below, and their merging journey onwards, it often has me standing out on the grass to better facilitate the flows. ~Tammy and Allan

You need only listen to each transmission once. If you are new to this page it is suggested to listen to one audio per day beginning with the  first 2011 transmission and allowing two clear days in between listening to each audio track.   Listening to the audio tracks will create rapid and lasting physical and consciousness change.

I have been enjoying fruits of your personal work and feeling soooo uplifted each time I listen to your free Full Moon transmissions. ~Magdalena

The Full Moon transmissions continued until June 2013, but their focus was on helping us all create our New Life on a New Earth, whereas before they were about preparation for us to hold fifth dimensional energy.

Full Moon Transmissions 2014

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Full Moon Transmissions 2013

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Full Moon Transmissions 2012

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Full Moon Transmissions 2011

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Mary Magdalene CD

You can listen to these audios as much as you want during the month of April as Judy's Easter gift to you. 

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