I was guided by Spirit to create this energy audio track. It is experimental as I personally do not know children with autism and have not tested these sound vibrations. It will do no harm and I am told will assist. Please provide us with your feedback. ~Judy

Play the energy track in their presence once daily for at least six weeks, or more. These children are Star Children. Their energy system is poorly adapted to man made, processed foods, environmental pollutants, toxin drugs and chemicals. They need a nurturing, high vibrational environment. Their nervous system needs support. You may like to investigate Standard Process (whole food) supplements for nervous system support.

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Dear Judy,

I am one of the participants of the Hong Kong Class in June 2013, actually the one that showed you the photograph of the Crystal Skull I took at Karnack in Egypt in 2011, which turned out to be the leading theme of your workshop.

Anyway, I did remember that in one of the other workshops here in Hong Kong (I think it was Oct.2012) you mentioned that you had just received a Light Language transmission to help autistic children but were not sure how it would help the children but nevertheless prompted by the Galactic Council (not sure) to promote this. You asked us participants to pass it on to our clients, friends, family…. and to give you feedback if we received any.

Well long story short. The first time I past it on I did not receive any feed back. But a few days ago I replied to blog where a woman wrote about her autistic son and his behavior and their interaction. I felt very strongly guided to send her your link and gave her the appropriate information.

The lady in question replied 2 days later stating that she felt this was really odd but… but her son loved it!!! It made him so happy and he was giggling.. and with that she got all happy, too. She said she had plaid it in the evenings for 2 consecutive days and her son had become very ‘lovey dubby’ (her words) and smothered her with kisses. He had been very withdrawn the past months but having heard the light language he had opened up again and was mischievous and fun again.

I replied to her very happy myself and her reply actually gave me goose bumps and while I was replying I received the following message for her:

“Grady ‘connects’ through the Light Language to a World/Planet/Plane that he is perfectly in tune with and re-united with now. For him a confirmation that he is not alone in this and ‘his world’, but that he has support from the Star Beings, that are looking after him.” (Apart of course from you, who obviously does a great loving and caring job for him).
Marita xxx

I then asked her to continue to play the track for 21 consecutive days (I figured that made sense and was in accordance with your work) and to let me know what else was happening, as I did not know what to expect either but trusted in your (Judy Satori’s) work as I had done quite a few of your cd’s and tracks.

The reply from the Lady then was: Day 3 of ‘giggle-fest’ and being inundated by kisses and love…

Dear Judy, sorry for my rambling on, but I just felt I had to fill you in and being a Light worker myself it is always good to get some positive and lovely feed back and especially when it concerns in autistic children and their hard working/loving parents. ~ Blessings,Marita