Lyran Balancing Frequencies

Lyran Balancing Frequencies

An Energy Gift for You
The five sound tracks contained within this audio will make adjustments to the physical body to harmonize and balance you as you go through shifts in perception, consciousness and energy. This is to do with a shift occurring from linear time to cosmic time. The overall outcome is that you will merge into more of your soul’s true essence.

Energies are brought through in the audio that will effect adjustments in the brain stem, corpus callosum of the brain, the pituitary gland, the physical heart and the chakras on the soles of the feet. This work will also help with analytical thought and memory.

It is suggested that to get maximum benefit from this work, you should listen to the sound recordings once daily for nine days. If possible use stereo headphones. Drink water before and after you listen.

Who Are The Lyrans?

The Lyrans exist in a unity of body, mind and spirit. Their 12th dimensional energy bodies radiate light and love. Their minds are linked with each other and with the oneness of all.

Lyra is a constellation of many stars. The Lyrans say many more than we can see. The role of the Lyrans is to hold the energy for the recreation of the human being of Earth into a physical body and consciousness of greater light because it is through the time/space matrix of the portal of Lyra that all life within our 12 dimensions of reality was created.

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