Regenerative Tonic for the Body

Regenerative Tonic for the Body

These seven energy transmissions from the Elohim will help the body recalibrate to fifth dimensional energy and will assist with regeneration. It is a good transmission to build into your daily routine and listen to once daily for about three months. Then you will be ready for more intensive regenesis.

These transmissions will greatly help you if you are experiencing health challenges as they will also serve to balance and smooth karmic release. As the energy coming in to Earth from the Galactic Center accelerates it is bringing up for clearing old energy patterns of past life thought and belief. These lower vibrational energies are held as a kind of distorted static on all levels of the body’s energy anatomy, from the DNA to the auric field surrounding the body.

It is the higher dimensional energy hitting these lower vibrational energy distortions that can make you feel emotionally or physically unwell and that can actually lead to physical dis-ease situations occurring in the body.

If you have health challenges, the product Tuning the Physical Instrument will also assist you. This can be purchased from the Online Shopping section of this website.

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