Soul Expansion

Soul Expansion-Activation of Soul Knowledge & Purpose

Opening to the New You Move Beyond Current Limitations

This short audio transmission will lift you into the next level of your soul’s expression. The very strong energies that have been coming to Earth from the heart center of a 22 galaxy multi-galactic diamond and rising up from a place of energy creation within the Earth called Amenti, have been creating a feeling of energy compression, (physical pain, anxiety, confusion, stress), within each of us, as we are energy conduits feeling impacted by the energy.

“Opening into the New You” will move you past and through a ceiling of previous limitation and of who you know yourself to be. Each time you listen to this audio recording you will be assisted by the energy and by Spirit to open into the NEW YOU in a more powerful way.

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Accessing Soul Template Meditation

The meditation is to assess soul potential and be as a guide to your own life’s direction. I suggest that you listen once daily for nine consecutive days during January and prepare for and expect a powerful new beginning of re-creation in your life.
In this meditation you will enter three very special rooms of knowledge to receive guidance for your future, to activate your highest soul potential and to receive gifts and blessings from Spirit.

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The Archangel Metatron Consolidation Activation

This energy preparation is to move you forward on your soul’s path and prepare the cells of your body to hold fifth dimensional energy.

This activation transmission was an encodement of light designed by the spiritual hierarchy to positively affect those listening on all levels of body, mind and spirit. The words spoken hold specific frequencies of sound and light that will expand you into a greater awareness of your soul’s true path and purpose and allow you to release resistances of thought that may be holding you back.

Also included in this transmission are sound sequences to prepare the cells of the body to handle fifth dimensional frequency, to upgrade the capacity of the brain to accept new, higher dimensional information, to activate the release of soul knowledge memory from the soul’s DNA, the soul’s akashic records and to give you some protection from increased radiation and the electromagnetic effects on the body of earth grid changes.

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Energy Activation

This activation helps to assimilate energies coming in from the Galactic Center. It clears memory of soul trauma so that past life skill and ability can come forth from the soul’s akashic records.

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Heart and Soul’s Highest Expression

There are two activations together here.  First activation is for the highest expression of the Heart and the second activation is for the highest expression of the Soul, with the ability to bring these expressions into this life.

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The Song of Anu

The sacred song of On or Anu, the Mystery School Teachings of Heliopolis, Egypt.
The Song of the Heart – The Song of Anu (On)

Ani Nepthys Mickaya Ya Sa
Cou To Mareenya Akhu
Eenya Mar Key Sta
Ya Kine Ya A Naan Ya
Eenya Ay Key Stra Anu

Translation of the Song of Anu

The protection of God is paramount for the forces of life shall be held back from darkness in this place. (Anu/On)

For the light is held here to vanquish evil and in this place there is only the love of God, as it is in the heart of man that this is created. It is truth that the words of God may also be found here in this place of the heart. Search deeply within (the heart) and there you will find God. This is the key to life everlasting and the secret of Anu (On).

Becoming the Sun Meditation

This meditation focuses on bringing golden white light, Christ Consciousness frequency, through the seventh chakra, along the central vertical power current aligned with the spine and into the heart chakra to literally assist you to be as the Sun or ‘Son’. Radiate this energy like the sun’s rays out into your life and into your world.

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Hara Line Alignment

This energy transmission will help you to align with your soul purpose and be grounded enough to take action. There are three points on the Hara Line which will be worked with…the Individuation Point, or connection to Source or God energy; the Soul Seat located at the top of the chest and the Tan Tien, which is the connection point of your personality self in this lifetime to what you are here to do. Distortion caused by past life trauma at any point along the line, can disrupt your energy connection to your purpose. You may feel discouraged and not good enough, procrastinate and hold back from what you know you need to do, rush forward with projects too quickly and not ground them into reality, or not even have any idea what you want to do and create in your life.

This is a permanent alignment and should not have to be repeated, but it can be. Your Hara Line may become weak during periods of stress or when change comes up in your life. You may wish to repeat this process a few times to really ground you.

Read more about the Hara Line in Barbara Ann Brennan’s book, “Light Emerging”.

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