How to Create

This week I’m being asked by Spirit to explain how we can use our words to create.  God created with the WORD and so can we.  You know this I’m sure, but let’s learn to use our words more potently to create the outcomes we seek.

Every word we speak has an energy and energy is light, sound, vibration and color. We are energy beings, existing in a universal ‘sea’ of energy.  Every thought we have, but more especially, every word we speak, has an energy effect.

What we speak about often is what we create and bring into our reality.

In reality, the words of most Earthly languages today are only a collection of sounds that strung together have meaning.  It was not always so.  The earliest languages of the planet, ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit and Hebrew were divinely designed harmonics that resonated with the Earth’s energy grid harmonics and were spoken by the ethnic people in the location on Earth where that harmonic was required.

Spirit want to remind us that we are GOD CREATORS and every time we open
our mouths to speak we CREATE. We are reminded to use our words wisely
and well as the words we speak CREATE an OUTCOME.

We can use our own words to heal, restore, to bring into being that which we want, to attract love and support to ourselves or others, or, we can use words to rip things apart, to destroy or delay our good, to make us dis-eased or unwell. We have this CHOICE.

There are dozens of reasons of why most of us do not create what we truly want or become ill or lacking in vitality. Most of the reasons are karmic and are caused by repetitive patterns of thought and belief that become conditioned.  The free karmic clearing audio tracks on my website and many of the karmic clearing programs are designed to break us free of these old limiting thought patterns.

If we work to clear these sabotaging patterns, consciously become aware of the words we habitually speak and deliberately and with force our own words of new creation we move forward rapidly and a new experience of life opens before us.

Here’s how to create positive change…

  1. Know what you want to create…take time to go within and write it down. This is your template for sowing the seeds of a new life that YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.
  2. Clear the limiting, sabotaging karmic energy patterns with any of the programs on my website.
  3. Write down in separate, short, one line sentences everything you want to create prefixing each statement with “With the Power of God that I AM”. This aligns you with God Mind and universal consciousness.
  4. Work with both the karmic clearing and the affirming of the new energy words of creation concurrently. Maybe just before you go to sleep at night, and maybe during the day speak the words of your new affirming creation. It should only take a few minutes.  It works better if you keep it short and do it often.
  5. Make sure that you use emotive force behind the words you speak…feel them…believe them … know that you already have the life that you speak of.
  6. Dream BIG…do not limit your creation because of past experience. YOU are NOT your past. The past is gone. Let it stay there!
  7. Become aware of the language you use and the habitual words you speak. Maybe put 10 cents in jar every time you run yourself down, or limit yourself.
  1. Dear Judy,
    I have been so inspired by your work. I fully resonate with your contribution of 27 January (my birthday)!
    I have listened to the Mary Magdalen series as well as most everything else. During the Mary Magdalen festival last year I went with 4 other sisters of light to the Basilica of Saint Maximin and La Saint Baume for the week which coincided with 22 July. It was a joyful experience, punctuated with some incredible energies we experienced from La St. Baume. We did a meditation at the base of the rock cliff just below the 152 steps and connected with Amenti. The grotto itself was quite a mix of energies, and one of us who is quite an evolved soul (Graziella Zanoletti) got a huge jolt of perhaps not so good energy from there. It is not all sweetness and light inside as people leave their deepest, darkest fears and sadness there. Maybe it was karmic. The next day we took part in an open air amazing outdoor concert near the Hostellerie where the music and singers called on the Elementals and ArchAngels (who did show up in a huge wind storm and temperature drop). All of it put together did require a trip to the hospital for Graziella in an ambulance the next day, a huge cleansing and perhaps while unconscious she travelled to other realms. Not sure if you have any insight about that event?

    I know how important La Saint Baume is to you, and I have so followed your very inspirational although painful process connected to that evolution, especially the heart break which opens us up in spite of ourselves. So, I will be going back week of 8 February 2016 to that region in France, and plan to walk in the forest and up to the grotto (probably closed), but I want to commune in that ancient forest where MM walked and to the connection to Amenti, as I did receive a message from her last year that she will always be present when I call on her.

    Not to take too much of your time, I wanted to tell you how meaningful your Lauren Galey Crystal Skull interview, activation and explanations were (4 Feb). I have been with Max (in Ireland, Arkansas and Arizona; and ShaNaRa in Arizona, but this really helped me understand the extent of their mission. I got the names of 11 of the crystal skulls plus understanding of the 13th from Amenti, but somehow did not pick up the 12th (and the star names were a bit difficult). Perhaps you can put those in writing sometime with the 12 Guardian Races for reference on your site or somewhere appropriate. Thanking you from my heart for all you do. Love and Gratitude,
    Beth (from Swizerland)

  2. Dear Beth….Thank you for your letter. I was interested to read of your time at La Sainte Baume. Maybe this was why I was told to walk on the mountain. I was not asked to spend time in the grotto. Thank you for your feedback regarding the Crystal Skulls transmission on Quantum Conversations. This playback is posted on the home page of the website. I will add the names of the skulls and the guardian races of this planet and galaxy. Blessings to you. Judy.

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