Our Incredible Human Mind

This week Spirit want us to wipe away doubt and indecision and get back on track.

Place your hands over your heart chakra and say these words:

With the Power of God that I AM
I am magnificent just as I AM
It is safe for me to express ALL OF MYSELF

In this universe there is ONLY ME,
Because I AM PART OF GOD and all other life forms,
Therefore, no harm can come to me,
Because no harm can come to God

The Universe is loving and benign,
I allow the warmth and love of the sea of universal life expression
to BECOME ME, and for ME to BECOME ONE with ALL LIFE.

For the next few weeks we are going to focus on our Incredible Human Mind and how we can optimize our true, innate human mind power potential. The human brain is more complex and powerful than we realize. We have only touched the surface of its true potential.

  1. Dear Judy I had a wonderful time at your lecture yesterday. I am very close to our CREATOR thru a Profetess in Germany. God spoke through her for 30 years. Through this teaching I know we have been created in the highest spheres in HEAVEN. As our Father is nothing but LOVE. But with love comes the law. And GOD does never change. He is like a ROCK. Always the same the true LOVE. Just as truth is one thing nobody can change,or it is not truth anymore. Ouer heavenly God liking existence we made weaker and weaker till heaven couldn’t support us anymore as we know all is energy. God created the planets for us to find our way back to his true love. In the more compressed spirit the planets developed into harder and harder material .Planet Earth is one of the hardest compressed Material. Reincarnation is the greatest blessing God has given us as he knew how hard it is for us to become again his image in our free will. As all is compressed spirit we developed our human body with all the desires and want to have. I also believe this Earth Planet is getting higher frequencies and as more more people are searching the true love as faster all developes. As all is energy our Father only can help us if we want to connect and go into his frequency. His son gave us big help to it. I felt how full of light your soul is and I wish you all the success to help many people. We all come togather in harmony in the true LOVE. As long we stay in the true love Gods law we will find the way back again. Thank you again for a wonderful time. Trudy Foster The teaching in Germany is The Universal Life The Inner Religion In Wuerzburg Germany.

  2. Very important question here…Is the Causal and/or Astral realm behind the ‘veil’ of any/all of the lower 12 dimensions? 4th dimension holding ground before physical reincarnation?

    Thank you so much!


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