Intuition Cruise

Join Judy Satori and Other Like-Minded Souls in the Experience of a Lifetime.

Intuition Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea
Ft. Lauderdale to Mayan Riviera
April 9: 8:00 am – April 15: 5:00 pm

Intuition Cruise

Featuring some of the most respected spiritual leaders on the planet, including Lisa Williams, John Holland, Colette Baron-Reid, Grandmother Elizabeth Araujo, Kenji Kumara, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Susan Shumsky, and many more!

Judy’s Cruise Workshop

Linking Head, Heart and Soul

So often we look outside ourselves for the answers to our questions … “How do I do it?”, “What do I do?”, “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?” Life should be more simple than it is. The homing pigeon of our heart and the connection to the guidance of our soul self that is our intuition should guide us.

Judy’s presentation on the Intuition Cruise will give you information but will give you energy – a link energy between head to hear to your soul. You will be empowered to break free of anxiety about what to do and how to do it, who to be and how to move forward with Joy.

Judy’s Excursion to Chichen Itzo

8-Hour Tour
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Chichen Itza PyramidJoin Judy as she leads the on-shore excursion to Chichen Itza, one of the Wonders of the World and home of the great Mayan empire. Chichen Itza, extends 6 square miles with several hundred magnificent buildings. You’ll enjoy exploring this legendary city for 1.5 hours strolling by the great pyramid of Kulkulcan, the largest and best-preserved Mayan ballpark, the temple of Venus, the temple of Warriors, and tzompantli among others.

According to Maya Elder Hunbatz Men, “The ceremonies that culminated at Chichen Itza were intended to help reprogram human DNA so that we humans can learn to exist on Earth in symbiosis with our light bodies-Sun bodies. Our DNA during the Mayan cycles of the Iast twenty-six thousand years has been encoded with a flaw that can, ultimately, become a source of deevolution. This flaw causes us to believe that we are separate from the Divine Source. For us to evolve identity, this flaw was required. But now it is time for us to move into communion with the Divine.”

For more information on this excursion and other cruise excursions.

Group and Personal Sessions

Private sessions with Judy can be booked at the Sunday ‘meet and greet’, or after Judy’s presentation. You can also pre-register by emailing Donna at

What Spirit Want to Tell You
What are you not hearing? This session is a personal reading from Spirit. It includes information and energy transmissions that you can record on your phone. This mini session covers a lot in a short time. It is designed to give insight and to activate your potential and higher purpose. 15 minutes, $100.

To Answer Your Questions
This 30 minute session is perfect if you have a series of questions you want answered. It will also work with health, emotional or life issues, or help you accelerate your path of soul ascension. The session will include energy transmissions to address your issues that you can record and use continuously until the issue is resolved. 30 minutes, $195.00

Re-coding your DNA to walk your path of Soul Purpose

The DNA is not fixed programing for the expression of who we are. It is a digital code that can be activated and recoded to express differently. This is a group session for four people. It will be held later in the week at a time that suits participants. The session is to activate your healing ability, soul wisdom and past life knowledge. It is to help you express and be your very best self and activate your soul abilities. 90 minutes, $125.

Cruise Ports of Call

This 6-night cruise begins in Ft. Lauderdale and sails to the ancient ruins of the Maya. Ports of Call include George Town, Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico; and Costa Maya, Mexico.

What Will You Learn and Experience?

On this Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea, we will learn how to connect with Spirit and how to listen to the “still small voice” of intuitive wisdom. Some of the methods we will discover and use during our amazing workshop program will include: meditation, intuition, spiritual healing, yoga, Sufi dance, kirtan and bhajans, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, inner guidance, divination, astrology, psychic mediumship, palmistry, spiritual discernment, past life regression, mysticism, divine contact, psychic protection, self-empowerment, psychology, hypnotherapy, soul releasement, psychic readings, muscle testing, telepathy, psychometry, dowsing, channeling, gems, crystals, minerals, art therapy, medical intuition, near-death experiences, working with chakras, mental and spiritual transformation, and much more!

  • Delight in a conference at sea with some of the world’s greatest spiritual guides.
  • Enjoy 7 days of pure bliss, sailing into spiritual awakening and higher awareness.
  • Visit magnificent tropical ports of Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Costa Maya.
  • See firsthand ancient Mayan pyramids and temples of the Yucatan.
  • Participate in awesome spiritual workshops and activities.
  • Practice yoga and sacred dance. Enjoy veg, non-veg, or raw food.
  • View the canopy of the Caribbean sky with nightly UFO Watch under the stars.
  • Make new friends, gain greater wisdom, and create memories that last a lifetime.

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