A Message From Judy Satori

It is my desire to make this energy work from Spirit available to all people regardless of financial means or circumstances in life. It is so important that we are all assisted through Earth’s ascension process to transition to a New Earth of Love, Oneness and Peace.

Therefore, I do not want to set a fee for this work. You may download and use any energy activations you find helpful.

There is a word in New Zealand in the Maori language, Koha. This means “energy exchange of the heart”. I gratefully accept your Koha, which in turn allows me to continue this work of Spirit, record and edit the audio material and maintain and upgrade this website.

Blessings and love to you,
Judy Satori

Mary Magdalene CD

You can listen to these audios as much as you want during the month of April as Judy's Easter gift to you. 

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