You Wealth Revolution Show with host, Darius Barazandeh – December, 2017

This was an extraordinary show where Judy transmitted energy LIVE on the show about Regeneration Secrets. One of the transmissions is a process to spark new life force and vitality in your body. The key words are ENERGY and HAPPINESS. This process will help you to feel more energetic, happier, optimistic and positive, but there will so much that came forth from Spirit during this live online event.

These are energy “words of new creation”, coming from Source, God, Spirit. The energy is much more expanded and powerful than ever before. It is energy alchemy, with immediate effects on the body.

You Wealth Revolution Show with host, Darius Barazandeh – January, 2018

It is part of a divine plan that the human species is to be advanced – beginning now! This is an evolutionary upgrade for Earth and humanity. More of our previously dormant human DNA capacity is to be activated by this new spectrum of energy to begin to express. Judy discusses this divine plan for us and answers many questions on this show.

Straight Talk for the Soul Show with host Cari Murphy – April 21, 2017

Revelations from Mary Magdalene: Her Role in the New World Order

Since January and the opening of the portal to a more expanded aspect of God Mind, Mary Magdalene is connecting once again with Judy to bring new revelations, new insights and new energy for us all. Mary Magdalene transmitted this energy LIVE with Judy to open you to your highest truth and help you to walk a “New Way” in your own life.

Straight Talk for the Soul Show with host, Cari Murphy – July 21, 2017

Loving Energy from Mary Magdalene to Activate the Sacred Feminine

The 22nd of July is celebrated in Provence as being Mary Magdalene’s birthday. As a special celebration in honor of beloved Mary, Judy channeled new revelations from her and answered questions from listeners.

From the Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration Retreat in Sydney with Judy and Spirit

This new work involves DNA recoding work at a very deep level. This Fundamentals course is building three foundational levels of a nine step pyramid of physical transformation. The complete pyramid and body of work to do with physical regeneration and DNA recoding will take place over three years.

Below is a short energy transmission that pushes delete on behaviors where we sabotage ourselves by not exercising or eat foods that do not support our health.

Beyond the Ordinary Show with host, John Burgos – February 8, 2017

Listen to Judy’s channeled new world invocation to set personal intentions that are aligned with your divine plan. (This is the fast path to the end of suffering!) PLUS an amazing pineal amplification transmission.

New Energy Webinars with Judy Satori and Spirit

The new spectrum of energy coming to Earth that is to the power of 22 times more powerful. This is creative energy flow of God mind. We can use our mind to tap into this flow and vision and create so much more powerfully. The secret is that it will become easier and easier without us seeming to do anything. It will make life easier for sure!

Regenesis and DNA Recoding Telecast with Judy on November 11, 2016

A new beginning for us all is coming in January 2017. This call will help you understand the many changes that are occurring and get your body ready to pull in the new energy coming soon.

Regenesis and DNA Recoding Q&A Follow-up Telecast with Judy Satori

This Regenesis Follow-Up Q&A call includes information channeling from Spirit about life purpose, transmutation of the cells and an understanding of how Regenesis works, and a healing track for Diabetes.

Beyond the Ordinary Show with host John Burgos – Passage to Extra- Ordinary – March 30, 2016

Replay of March 10, 2016 – Joy is Love Expressed

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Transcripts of Mary Magdalene with Sheila Gayle – Replay of March 5, 2015 show

In this interview Judy will tell you what the Transcripts, the teachings of Mary actually ARE and how they will open you the more love in your life. Judy will transmit Mary’s energy during this interview.

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Q&A with Judy on Transcripts of Mary Magdalene – Replay March 18, 2015 show

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Energy Transmission and Information from the Spiritual Hierarchy

Transmitted from Nagarkot, Nepal through Judy Satori

To bring energy through to Earth and to begin to activate your highest potential as a human being. Listen Once or more if desired.

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Judy Satori on The Bob Charles Show

Bob Charles, host of The Bob Charles Show, interviews Judy several nights, on his show. Judy discusses different topics and takes questions from listeners as well. Click on a topic below to listen.
December 9, 2013 – Light to the World

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December 2, 2013 – Activation

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November 25, 2013 – Light Language

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November 18, 2013 – Finding Love

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October 20, 2013 – Light Language

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Judy Satori’s Interview on Reawaken Your Brilliance – Replay of September 11, 2013 show

Consciousness and Remembering Julie Seibert, host of Reawaken Your Brilliance radio show, interviewed Judy on Wednesday, September 11, 2013. On the show, Judy discussed the spiritual lesson of 9/11 and the larger picture for us as a humanity. She spoke about the Zep Tepi power, our spiritual star-born legacy, the light bodies and much, much more. Judy took a few questions from listeners as well.

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Judy Satori’s Interview with Dr. Leslie Wells – Replay August 29, 2013 show

Leslie hosts, The Dr. Leslie Show on Living Spirit radio which is broadcast every Friday morning from 11 am – 12 noon from Charlotte, North Carolina. Information and an energy transmission from Spirit about letting go and letting God! Spirit also bring through an energy transmission to activate a connection to our authentic soul truth so that we might tap into a energy field of infinite creation, God consciousness. This transmission will help you stand in your heart centered strength and be able to accept and surrender to current life circumstances. The discussion is about integrating and understanding that challenges you are experiencing in your life NOW are opportunities to surrender and allow God to work miracles. This show also includes an interview about the Waitaha people of New Zealand who are aligned with peace and love.

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Judy Satori’s Interview with Dr. Leslie Wells – Replay June 28, 2013 show

The first 30 minutes of the show is devoted to holistic living and the second section to spiritual growth and understanding. The second section of the program is called ‘Wave of Fire. In this interview, Judy speaks about Light Language and how this is being re-activated within us. There is an energy transmission brought through from Spirit which is a catalyst for this process. All of us have within our soul memory the capacity to remember and connect to our own authentic spiritual languages of light. When we speak these languages we activate more of our soul’s light and soul’s truth.

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ET First Contact Radio – Interview with Maarten Horst

Listen to Judy’s interview with Maarten Horst from the Netherlands on ET First Contact Radio. This one hour interview is really a conversation with the Galactic Council and includes energy transmissions to help you activate your highest soul potential as well as Andromedan energy to strengthen and support.

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Living Spirit Radio – Interview with Judy Satori by Leslie Wells – Replay March 22, 2013 show

This interview with Leslie Wells is also about Judy’s time in France and the Mary Magdalene energies. Leslie is a long time friend of Judy’s and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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