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From June 24 Show
New Show Format Announcement

From June 17 Show
New Directions for Everyone

From June 10 Show
The Power of Surrender

From June 3 Show
Physical Symptoms Can Have an Energy Root

From May 27 Show
The Effects of Past Life Trauma on Our Lives Today

From May 13 Show
New Energies from Mana Retreat

From May 6 Show
Creating Abundance and the Energy of Gratitude

From April 29 Show
Clearing Blocks to Abundance, How to Create, the Blessing of Wesak, the May Full Moon

From April 22 Show
Body Elementals and How to Harness the Protective Power of
Body Elementals to Support Your Healing

From April 15 Show
Ways to Deal with Core Fear and Anxiety From Both Known
and Unknown Causes