Judy Satori on the Bob Charles International Show
June 17, 2014

Purge Deep Cellular PainThis transmission is designed to purge deep-seated emotional pain that is still locked into cellular memory. This deep seated DNA distortion serves to actually attract the upsetting, repeating patterns into our lives. You might feel that you just can’t seem to break free and that the same types of experiences happen over and over again!

This transmission clears energies of unjust accusation, sadness, powerlessness, isolation, loneliness, despair, feeling cast out, not accepted, getting nowhere, frustration, disappointment, emotional and physical stress, confusion and depression.

It includes an 11 minute audio with the Archangel Michael to unravel past hurts on a time line from your soul’s beginnings in physical life until now.

Judy Satori on the Bob Charles International Show
Sunday, June 1, 2014

Full Moon – Information – Lyran Energies – Joy

The show includes The Wesak Full Moon transmission, new information from Spirit and Lyran frequencies to upgrade the body.

Judy Satori- Full Moon Special Presentations Sun June 01-0602014 by Pyramid One Network on Mixcloud

Judy Satori on the Bob Charles International Show
February 20, 2014


The Spiritual Hierarchy wanted to use participants body and energy circuits to activate the Ajna channel of the Earth, a powerful Earth chakra point in the Himalayan mountain range.

In the human body the Ajna chakra is the sixth chakra or third eye chakra.

This is to do with CREATION and MANIFESTATION.

Judy transmitted the words
THE PARTICIPANTS helped anchor the energy

Participants on the live broadcast were the conduit for the energies of NEW CREATION for the Earth and for People Everywhere.

You will feel the energy come through your body to help humanity advance. If you were not able to be a participant, by listening now you will still be activated.

Bob Charles Show – February 20, 2014
Energy Transmission and Information from the Spiritual Hierarchy

Transmitted from Nagarkot, Nepal through Judy Satori

To bring energy through to Earth and to begin to activate your highest potential as a human being. Listen Once or more if desired.

Judy Satori on The Bob Charles Show – 2013

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