Judy Satori’s Interview on Reawaken Your Brilliance – September 11, 2013

Consciousness and Remembering

Julie Seibert, host of Reawaken Your Brilliance radio show, interviewed Judy on Wednesday, September 11, 2013. On the show, Judy discussed the spiritual lesson of 9/11 and the larger picture for us as a humanity. She spoke about the Zep Tepi power, our spiritual star-born legacy, the light bodies and much, much more. Judy took a few questions from listeners as well.

Judy Satori’s Interview on Living Spirit Radio – August 29, 2013

This interview with Leslie Wells, host of The Dr Leslie Show on Living Spirit radio has information and an energy transmission from Spirit about letting go and letting God! Spirit also bring through an energy transmission to activate a connection to our authentic soul truth so that we might tap into a energy field of infinite creation, God consciousness. This transmission will help you stand in your heart centered strength and be able to accept and surrender to current life circumstances. The discussion is about integrating and understanding that challenges you are experiencing in your life NOW are opportunities to surrender and allow God to work miracles. This show also includes an interview about the Waitaha people of New Zealand who are aligned with peace and love.

Judy Satori’s Interview with host, Dr. Leslie Wells – June 28, 2013 show

The first 30 minutes of the show is devoted to holistic living and the second section to spiritual growth and understanding. The second section of the program is called ‘Wave of Fire. In this interview, Judy speaks about Light Language and how this is being re-activated within us. There is an energy transmission brought through from Spirit which is a catalyst for this process. All of us have within our soul memory the capacity to remember and connect to our own authentic spiritual languages of light. When we speak these languages we activate more of our soul’s light and soul’s truth.

ET First Contact Radio – Interview with Maarten Horst

Listen to Judy’s interview with Maarten Horst from the Netherlands on ET First Contact Radio. This one hour interview is really a conversation with the Galactic Council and includes energy transmissions to help you activate your highest soul potential as well as Andromedan energy to strengthen and support.

Interview with Judy Satori by host, Leslie Wells – March 22, 2013

This interview with Leslie Wells is also about Judy’s time in France and the Mary Magdalene energies. Leslie is a long time friend of Judy’s and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.