Transmissions From the Fundamentals of Physical Regeneration Retreat
in Sydney with Judy and Spirit

This new work involves DNA recoding work at a very deep level. This Fundamentals course is building three foundational levels of a nine step pyramid of physical transformation. The complete pyramid and body of work to do with physical regeneration and DNA recoding will take place over three years.

Below is a short energy transmission that pushes delete on behaviors where we sabotage ourselves by not exercising or eat foods that do not support our health.

New Energy Webinar with Judy Satori and Spirit – January 15, 2018

The new spectrum of energy coming to Earth that is to the power of 22 times more powerful. This is creative energy flow of God mind. We can use our mind to tap into this flow and vision and create so much more powerfully. The secret is that it will become easier and easier without us seeming to do anything. It will make life easier for sure!

Regenesis and DNA Recoding Webinar with Judy – November 11, 2016

A new beginning for us all is coming in January 2017. This call will help you understand the many changes that are occurring and get your body ready to pull in the new energy coming soon.

Regenesis and DNA Recoding Q&A Follow-up Webinar – November 25, 2016

This Regenesis Follow-Up Q&A call includes information channeling from Spirit about life purpose, transmutation of the cells and an understanding of how Regenesis works, and a healing track for Diabetes.