Supporting Our Children From the Stars

You have no doubt heard about Indigo children, Crystal children and more recently Rainbow children. The Indigos began to incarnate in the 1970’s and the Crystals later, from the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Both the Indigo and Crystal children have come to Earth to help usher in and consolidate social and spiritual change; anchoring peace, love and heart-centered co-creation.

Some of the early Crystals are now parents of the new Rainbow children, beautiful beings who are free from karma and who have come to serve humanity and shine their light on Earth.

Crystal and Rainbow children are different. They are highly psychic and sensitive. Often speech and communication is delayed and they may be intolerant of loud noises and outside stimulus. However these children are usually very empathetic, wise and loving. They innately know that is right for them. They are old souls. They JUST KNOW.

When I was in India last year I was invited to a special school in Bangalore to speak to the children. They drew very insightful and interesting pictures about “where they had come from in the stars!” In their meditation they went “far away” and “saw beautiful pictures in their heads”.

Recently I have had two women contact me, mothers of boys aged 4 and 5 years who have been diagnosed as having autism. (The names are changed, but the stories are not.)

This is what the first mother, Annette, told me about her son Lincoln …

“My son is a pre-schooler with autism. All autism is different and for my son the main challenges are anxiety, hyperactivity and over-stimulation. My Mum came across the free Judy Satori autism recording and I decided to give it a go. All I can say is that the recording has made a world of difference in our lives. Over the course of the six weeks of playing the recording I feel like my son has been able to come out from behind the physical body or the “symptoms” that have been holding back his authentic self. I feel like I am meeting more and more of the little boy that I have always known he is in my heart, but never fully met in person. His teachers and therapists have all commented on his sudden leap in development over the course of the six weeks and how he has really improved in his communication. He is now able to recognize his own emotions and moderate his behavior so much better.”

I felt quite emotional … very happy … I was thrilled to hear this about Lincoln and I asked Annette to send me details of all the symptoms affecting her little boy to see what Spirit could do to assist further. The audio track that Annette refers to is the Karma Clear free section of my website. Click to Listen.

This is what Spirit has to say …

“These souls are new upon the Earth and their energy systems do not cope well with what is still a transforming energy environment. When they are adult they will be able to cope with this energy, but they have come in on a wave of intense change and at the moment their energy systems are out of sync.Their DNA is more advanced and already has a capacity beyond many of the people living on Earth. However, the expanded wisdom and enhanced creation ability that they hold is not as yet balanced with their physical ability to adjust to Earth vibration.”

Many of these special children are diagnosed as having Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Annette referred another mother Sarah, who also had a four year old son diagnosed with autism called James. This is Sarah’s story .…

“My son James was born in February 2012. His autistic traits: repetitive speech; an aversion to loud praise, cheering, and applause; selective eating; being told what to do; some self-care and motor skills delay (will not blow his nose, does not dress himself or go to the toilet by himself and will not go to public toilets). Although his verbal communication abilities are on the simple side, he has taught himself to read since the age of 3 and has an excellent memory. He is also affectionate, has good eye contact, and is very social towards adults.”

“After exposing him to the autism recording on your site, he now requests to hear it daily, as well as the other recording for children with sensitivities. He is an expert at navigating a computer, so sometimes he will stop the recording in the middle to go back to the beginning, but I always get him to listen to the whole thing. He seems joyful, giggly, and affectionate when he hears the energy words.”

“James also has his own “language”. I think it is sound based and may not have much in terms of translation. It is repetitive and he calls it singing, but it is made up of his own made up words, and sounds like loud chanting. After hearing your recordings, he has copied some of your sounds too.”

This is what Spirit has to say…

“We want you to understand that a wave of enlightened souls have begun to come to Earth, some from as early as the 1970’s in your time line, but more especially since the Millennium. Many of these souls have never incarnated on Earth and they have come for a special reason, which is to assist the transformation of society and consciousness.”

“Many of these new children need help because as you are aware when a soul incarnates a veil is drawn over that which has gone before, or it becomes too disorienting for the child to adjust to Earth vibration and to grow and develop on this plane. The languages that are now coming from the 22 galaxies of a more expanded God-creation energy are balm for these souls, as on a deeper level of the subconscious mind they remember these vibrations and relax more easily into their new incarnational experience on Earth. We wish to also transmit energy that will ease their path and assist with their adaptation while maintaining their unique and special abilities and soul qualities.”

So … I have recorded more energy transmissions to try to alleviate some of the developmental symptoms and sensitivities experienced by many of the Crystal and Rainbow children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am going to let Lincoln and James listen to the recordings and ask their mothers for feedback.

In the meantime, if you know any child like Lincoln and James they may benefit from the Autism audio track .

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  1. Thank you so much! I cried tears of joy and relief when I listen to this. I have an eight-year-old autistic beautiful boy, named Harper. He needs guidance to help assist him here on earth. We will listen for at least 42 days, starting today on 3.23.2018. Love & Light,
    Jennifer ✨✨✨✨

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