Prayer of Right Action – Right Outcome

Physical Ascension

The Prayer of Right Action and Right Outcome


Ask from your heart:
With the Power of God that I AM, I align with the Angel (or Energy, or Spirit …your choice)
of Right Action and Right Outcome in my Life.

I trust that all is well and as I trust and have faith my life changes in miraculous and love-filled ways
to fill my heart with delight and open me to the many blessings and joys of life. I especially give thanks for…

Speak what you want as though it is already yours

And So It Is
And So It Is
And So It Is


  1. Thank you Judy!
    Lovely messages & reminders…

  2. Thank you Judy
    For all divine knowledge
    And guidence
    Love you for giving your support to us
    With gratitude

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

  4. dear judy,
    its so good to hear that ur in india ladlak area, pls help me to get my self realisation very fast. i have downloaded all ur free mp3 they r very good, but i want little faster my asscesion & u only can help me out, can u pls give me the address in india where ur put up pls update me with ur address, if i have time and money i will surely come & meet u. pls send some of ur paid mp3 download free so i can get it faster, by birth i am a christian.

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Recoding the DNA – New Life Expo West Palm Beach, Florida

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In 2017 Judy Satori is exploring new paradigms in the use of multi-dimensional, multi-galactic sound frequencies to regenerate the body.

In her three hour Florida Expo special event Judy will transmit energy words of new creation from an entirely new multi-dimensional spectrum of energy.

This energy is designed by Spirit to activate and recode the DNA and deliver many benefits that go way beyond healing to strengthen and revitalize the body.

The energy words that Judy speaks sound like a very fast multi-tonal language. You will feel the vibrations immediately create positive, life enhancing shifts in both body and mind.

In this event she will also be using sound to balance dis-ease conditions and DNA chromosomal disorders.
Judy Satori is an energy conduit, catalyst and activator for Spirit. Her role is to transmit energy words of new creation, designed to switch on more of our human 12-strand DNA genetic code and optimize human potential. These languages are of God and of love.

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