Assist Sensitive Star Children and Autism

Recently I shared with you information about two five year old boys, Lincoln and James whose mothers approached me after playing my autism audio to their children once per day on a daily basis.

The Indigo Children began to incarnate in the 1970s and the Crystals later, from the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Both the Indigo and Crystal children have come to Earth to help usher in and consolidate social and spiritual change; anchoring peace, love and heart-centered co-creation.

Crystal and Rainbow children are different. They are highly psychic and sensitive. Often speech and communication is delayed and they may be intolerant of loud noises and outside stimulus. However these children are usually very empathetic, wise and loving. They innately know that is right for them. They are old souls. They JUST KNOW. These children are often diagnosed as being autistic.

After my first blog featuring the children Lincoln and James, I created another audio track using the much more potent new energy that I am now able to access that is coming from a more expanded God-creation energy at the heart center of 22 galaxies.

The number 22 is a Master-builder number and what is now building is transformation and regenesis … a new beginning for Earth and for humanity.

So these special Star Children are incarnating on Earth to assist with this process of Earth and Galactic change and we need their beautiful expanded energy vibrations.

So, Annette has been playing the new recordings to her son once daily since she received them. This is what she says …

“I have played the new autism track to Lincoln each day now for 7 days. I stopped playing the previous autism track. I had intended on giving feedback between days 3 and 5, as suggested, but things went a little haywire, so I needed some time to get my head around it.”

“At the beginning of the seven days, Lincoln’s hyperactivity at home went through the ceiling and his ability to listen and focus on conversations declined. His defiance also increased to extraordinarily challenging levels. He is resistant to listening to the new track but we persist daily.”

“The first week that we listened to the original autism track also presented some challenges (not quite as great as this time), so I had expected something. The energy of the new track I think is stronger, hence the new challenges. He is at a point now where these challenges are starting to subside, so I am expecting that he will continue to settle over the coming week, if anything like the first track.”

“On the positive side, he has transitioned into his new class incredibly well. His concentration, manners and behavior at school are really fabulous overall and he is coming home and sharing what he is learning. He is now confidently saying “Hello” and “Good Afternoon” to his friends and teachers, which used to cause huge anxiety and behavioral challenges – he is even calling out and waving to friends who aren’t in his new class!”

“Another incredible thing happened on the weekend as well – we had a family gathering to attend with about 18 people. This usually causes anxiety and he will fight to avoid entering the premises or will try to hide and avoid anyone talking to him. On Sunday, I expected the same, but he happily walked into the center of all the people, introduced myself and his brother and made himself the center of attention. Suddenly he is a social butterfly in large social scenarios and not just one-on-one. It seems that we have had another cognitive leap since beginning listening to the new audio recording.”

This is what Spirit has to say …

“It is important to understand that with every significant change there is a reset…like a shaking up of the old, before a new pattern and template can be firmly grounded and activated. The way to handle this is take it more gently and have a gap of one or two days between each day of listening. As the new energy pattern is established the effects should continue in a positive way.”

I had another mother, Bridget, write to me after she read about Annette’s story. I sent her the new recordings also. She played the recordings to her son and has written back to me …

“My son and I have listened together now for 4 days – 3 times a day (before and after school and at bedtime).”

“Each time we reach the end of the transmission my son is calm and relaxed. He listens in bed before he sleeps and he especially enjoys the deeper voice towards the end of the recording. It is helping him ease into sleep more content and much more quickly than he usually does.”

“Several times while listening to the light language, he has looked around the room he was in with what felt like a sense of wonder and said: “the lights are moving” on another occasion: “there are circles”.”

“As I have also listened to the transmission this is my feedback on what I also experience…There seems to be a realigning or rearranging taking place in the energy field, like a shifting of density, if that makes sense.”

“I have felt a profound sense of peace and love, this occurs each time I listen. It feels extraordinary. Words fall short to describe a feeling so beautiful; warmth and a sense of expansion, or a smoothing out occurring from my heart center and softly vibrating through my whole body filling me with such love and peace.”

“This transmission is something different, it’s incredibly beautiful and holds so much love.”

“I am so excited to see what the long term benefits of listening will bring.”

Here are the transmissions for you to use and try for yourselves. Listening is entirely safe for all … children and animals.

Please understand that I can make no guarantees for the outcomes of these transmissions and I can take no responsibility for the effects after listening. I offer these transmissions as a gift from God to be used with personal responsibility and discernment.

  1. Dear Judy,
    Thank you so much for these wonderful audios! As an adult, I listened, knowing that I have wounded inner child issues, still to be completely resolved. I have worked on these issues, but there are just so many wounds & layers of these wounds to be processed, that I haven’t been able to work tnrough it all!
    Anyway, I listened & immediately felt a weight lift off me…& a little part of myself, who has not smiled before…was smiling! It is like it lifted “the weight of the World” off the little inner child’s shoulders!
    So much gratitude to you & your Spirit team, for these very powerful audios! I Just wanted to let you know, that they have such a wide healing application for everyone!
    Much Love

  2. Namaste Judy

    Please advise if a child with symptoms of ADD can use this recording.. . need the focus a d concentration to be more

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