You have tirelessly continued to be a pure channel of spirit, the Elohim, Jeshua, Mary, Mother Mary to name a few as well as our Galactic family. I am so grateful for the work you do for me, us, all of humanity. …  ~Linda

How can I possibly tell you what joy I feel in my heart when I open my email and see, Judy Satori. Thank you for the Christmas 2013 email, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua. Wishing you all Purity Protection in the work you have come to do. We are so Blessed. ~Scarlet

Without your unfailing work to put all this information/connection out I truly feel I would have been lost. It means so much to my sanity. When I read or listen I feel a connection to spirit, like quenching a terrible thirst that I can’t sate as accessibly as through your information. ~Alexandra

I am so grateful for all these programs that you are channeling and making available to all of us. ~Helen

We are so filled with gratitude at the insights and understandings which we are led to with you, thanks Judy…from all our hearts. ~Melany

My mother and I follow you since the beginning. Both of us have benefited from the messages of light you generously transmit to all of us. ~Rossina