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Your life is not limited by what has shown up so far

February 4th and 5th, 2017
Massey University, Albany, Auckland, NZ

Join internationally renowned expert in energy healing Judy Satori for the TRUE COLORS Masterclass,
to discover the true you.

In two days, she will personally coach you to reset your life and redesign your future. Powerful energy transmissions will clear self-sabotage and help you discover your true purpose!


Listen to what Judy says about True Colors


“I could tell by your voice that the energy was of a higher vibration. Your voice went up by almost an octave. Also the strength with which you pronounced the words was different, truly amazing!” ~Diego Berman, PhD Neuroscientist at Columbia University, New York City


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“A live event with Judy Satori is a truly exciting experience! There is a basic program, but you never really know what’s going to happen in the room and what will come through Judy, as every group is different, and Beings working through her seem to adjust the energy to the individuals present in the room. Judy may spontaneously address a single person or groups of individuals with the same issue or talent. That is very helpful, as compared to listening to the audio recordings at home, one can be assisted immediately if any traumatic memories surface. Being in Judy’s presence itself already brings about much healing due to her love, incredible compassion for everybody’s ‘pain-body’ and true understanding of our Soul’s story. In addition to that, Judy sometimes channels such powerful beings like Archangel Michael, Jesus Christ, Lady Mary, Saint Germain, etc, whose energy directly touches the front rows. I remember one event in Warsaw, Poland, when the translator standing next to Judy, was too moved to continue speaking when Saint Germain addressed the participants through Judy, as the energy of his field was so overwhelming.” ~Karolina Barwicz, Warsaw, Poland


True Colors Benefits

  • Feel Happier: Limiting thoughts like procrastination, lack of confidence, feeling stuck and depressed will be deleted and eradicated by the very powerful energy transmissions from Spirit.
  • Gain Clarity: Embedded within the True Colors program are powerful energies that will help you see a new vision and clear obstacles from your path.
  • Clear other people’s stuff: Energy transmissions will push DELETE on lineage line DNA patterns that go back eight generations and hold you back…without you even knowing!
  • Be Fulfilled: True Colors will help you get on track with your life purpose and give you grounded, real world techniques to achieve it.

If you book for the Auckland True Colors Masterclass you will receive this exclusive offer …

*Two days of personal coaching, energy transmissions and information from Judy and Spirit 50% off NZ$347.50 SAVING
*The Masterclass Program of audio transmissions and manual worth NZ$850. FREE NZ$850 SAVING
    • The True Colors program began in May 2016, when I was guided by Spirit to hold at a one day event in New York City. I then created a six session program and gave this to all who attended. However, over the past few months I have come to realize that True Colors is actually a program that teaches and activates “enlightenment”. It is about clearing limitations and helping people activate their highest soul potential and to manifest this in their life.


    • My new program Search for the Golden Tara is a bridging program for True Colors and is designed to activate passion, purpose, creativity and joyful expression. Search for the Golden Tara is also designed to activate your divine feminine energy. This program is available at a special package price at until early February and will also be available on my website early in 2017.


    • Search for the Golden Tara is a profound accelerator for True Colors. It will speed the way, like the “wind beneath the wings” and give a deeper and better result to True Colors. Search for the Golden Tara comes first to add strength to True Colors, or can be used after True Colors to develop an out pouring of creativity.


    • True Colors begins with very deep karmic clearing and accelerates participants into states of joy and peace. It will break you free of known or unconscious patterns where you limit and sabotage yourself and hold yourself back from what you really want to do in life.


    • True Colors is a program that will teach you how to TAKE ACTION on creating what you want in your life.


  • I am developing this program further before launching it internationally and have reduced the price of the Auckland event to make it affordable for everyone to attend and because it is still in the development stage. True Colors is an advanced program of accelerated ascension and enlightenment. You will also receive the final online version of True Colors FREE.


Topics Covered:

  • The Plan – overview
  • The Prayer of Being and Becoming
  • Where we are and where we’re going
  • Activating knowing – letting go of doubt
  • Moving through the process with ease and grace
  • The process of karmic miasmic release
  • Karmic release session one
  • Getting clarity about your soul’s purpose
  • Clarity of soul purpose meditation
  • Imprinting the third eye
  • Regaining faith – slaying the dragon
  • Connecting to soul guidance and potential
  • Connecting to the sunshine within
  • Hearing the voice of the soul
  • Past life trauma and its effect on motivation and purpose
  • Clearing lineage line DNA trauma
  • Clearing past life vows
  • Dealing with other people’s stuff
  • Forgiving ourselves and forgiving others
  • Beginning recreation – sitting on top of the barbed wire fence
  • Activating the wisdom of the soul
  • Moving into soul group expression
  • Trust that your soul knows the way
  • Taking action in your life – part one
  • Taking action in your life – part two

True Colors has been designed by Spirit to help us all express the truth of who we are,
so that we can do what we have come to do!

Venue: The Sir Neil Waters Building, SNW 100, Gate One, Albany Expressway, Albany, North Shore, Auckland.

Refreshments: Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided. Lunch may be purchased at the Massey University Café on campus. Gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and dairy free options will be available.

Start and End Times: Please arrive between 8:15 am and 9:00 am, to begin sharp at 9:15 am on Saturday. Saturday’s class will end at 5:00 pm. On Sunday, please arrive between 8:30 am and 9:15 am to begin sharp at 9:30 am. Sunday’s class will end at 6:00 pm. Please note the class schedule above. You can download and print the class schedule.

The True Colors Masterclass begins at 9:15 am on Saturday, February 4 and ends at 6 pm on Sunday, February 5. You will need a minimum of three night’s accommodation.

It is suggested that you reserve your accommodation immediately after registering for this event. It is a holiday weekend in New Zealand, with Monday, February 6 being Waitangi Day. This may make is more difficult to find accommodation so book now!

Affordable Accommodation Options

Massey University Campus

3 Studio Units @ $120.00 per night

1 four bedroom apartment @ $220.00 per night

1 five bedroom apartment @ $270.00 per night

Plenty of rooms in the Halls of Residence @ $70.00 per night

Accommodation is on Campus so the travelling time is around 1 minute walking! You may save $ by adding roommates for the apartments. Contact: Natasha Butler, Massey University Residential Services at

Kawai Purapura Retreat, Oteha Valley Road, Albany, Auckland

Kawai Purapura is a spiritual/healing retreat center. It is a 15 minute walk from Massey University. Prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Single occupancy $65 per room per night

Two people sharing room $95 per room per night

Single Occupancy $75 per room per night

Two people sharing room $105 per room per night

Kawai Purapura is located close to direct bus routes to and from Auckland City and north to Orewa. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes from the city. Book online at or call (64) 9 4159468. Without a vehicle and with portable luggage it is easy to get from Auckland Airport into the city and by bus to Albany. You need a small suitcase on wheels!

Albany Village Accommodation (with shuttle bus to Massey University)

Quest Apartments (Albany), 32 Kell Drive, Albany, Auckland.

Motels in Albany Village and nearby

Albany Village Apartments, 4 Kell Dr, Albany, 0632, New Zealand. (64) 800 580 013.
Albany Executive Motor Inn, 15 Corinthian Dr, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand. (64) 800 908 987. Be sure to inquire whether they have a shuttle bus to Massey University.

Facilities within walking distance:

Albany Mall: shops, restaurants, cafes and cinema.
Albany Village: shops and restaurants.

February is a fabulous time to visit New Zealand as it is glorious summer. Enjoy Auckland’s beaches, islands of the Hauraki Gulf and explore further afield.

Coming from out of town? You should make your own accommodation arrangements but we can help you find somewhere close by the venue that is easy to get to and economical. We can also pair you up with other people in a shared room situation. Reasonably priced accommodations are available either on site at the University or close by.

Coming from overseas? Fly into Auckland. Direct flights on Air New Zealand originate from New York City, Houston and Los Angeles. Hawaiian Airlines fly through Hawaii from the East Coast of the USA. Air Tahiti Nui and Qantas are other options. Try

Flights from the continental USA usually arrive in Auckland in the early morning. Allow yourself at least one day to get over jetlag and rest. Visitors from most countries can enter New Zealand under the visa waiver scheme.

My favorite website for booking international travel is but do check Air New Zealand, or Try to get a direct flight into Auckland. There are flight options through Australia, but in my personal experience the extra time in the air and waiting time in transit is not worth the wear and tear on the body!

On arrival clear customs and collect your luggage. Do not bring bio-security items … food, honey, fruit. Health food supplements, spirulina, chlorella, etc. are fine. Be sure to declare these on the customs form.

When you exit Arrivals turn sharp left and make your way out the double doors just beyond McDonalds. You can pick up a shuttle to Albany, or take the airport city bus. The shuttle will take you directly door to door. The Airport Bus will take you to the city bus terminal. Here you will need to take another bus to Albany. You can then get a taxi, or uber to your accommodation.

Inexpensive Rental Cars: New Zealand Discount Car Rentals (shuttle to airport)

Payment Options: Paypal and Credit Card online. If you need a payment plan, please let us know. No one is turned away. Direct banking to Judy Satori’s New Zealand business bank account can also be arranged. Should your plans change, payments are refundable less a $50 administration fee until January 20. After this time, we can only offer partial refunds on a case to case basis.

“I had the opportunity to attend Judy’s “Passage to Extraordinary” and “Beyond Healing” workshops at the New Life Expo in West Palm Beach, Florida. Both workshops were amazing, with such great flow of energy. I can personally attest to a deep healing and opening as Spirit worked through Judy. While one would think that Judy rehearsed feverishly given the wonderful flow, she did not, her biggest preparation was being totally open and available to Spirit. I will certainly take advantage of every opportunity I get to attend Judy’s workshops. Thank you, Judy, for your love, dedication and committed service!” ~ Glenn Warr, St. Petersburg, Florida

Questions? Please contact Donna at