Message from Judy

“When we feel and express gratitude it a powerful catalyst to creation. I am extremely grateful for the personal support that these people have given to me on my journey. They can support you as well.”

Love and blessings,
Judy Satori


Danielle BrooksDanielle Brooks – Heart Opening Channel
Danielle sings the languages of light and energies of the Cosmos. Channeling the healing energies from the beginning of time, the Ancient Elders of Creation and many of the Star Council, Danielle works as a conduit and catalyst for people to move into their hearts and live their authentic potential. Visit her website



Gail Taylor
Gail Taylor – Spiritual Artwork and Channel
As a Clear Channel for Spirit, Gail’s gifts and abilities manifest as a painter, a healing facilitator, a teacher of Spiritual Growth, a writer and a channel. Visit her website



Yantara Jiro
Yantara Jiro – Visionary Inspirational Facilitator
Yantara Jiro is a visionary, inspirational leader, singer and explorer of Sound and Consciousness. He is the International Leader of Middle East and Asia for “The Difference™”. He travels with joy facilitating his seminars and workshops in over 10 countries around the world.  Visit his website



Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson – Akashic Record Readings
Chris passes on information and facilitates healing by accessing information from the Akashic Records. She supports others by providing answers to life and soul questions teaching people how to access ‘The Magic of the Akashic Records’ for themselves to transform their lives. Visit her website