Opening Into the Heart of Yourself

Opening Into the Heart of Yourself Cover“Opening Into the Heart of Yourself” is designed to open you to a “YOU” that you may never have truly met before. These transmissions will move you into a more upgraded expression of life. This program was recorded live in Warsaw, Poland.

Opening to the Heart of Yourself
Strength … Balance … Purpose

This program is a tribute to the Polish people and their famous son, the composer Frederic Chopin.

You will become better aligned with who you truly are
on a soul level.

And shine the light of the essence of YOU.

The energy transmissions activate heart opening, strength and purpose.

Opening Into the Heart of Yourself InsertPart One: Balancing the heart chakra; clearing karmic pain, grief and loss; the story of human creation and our true human potential; energy transmissions for compassion, strength, new creation and balance; energy from the Goddess Isis to guide us along the path of the soul’s truth to align with purpose; shedding outmoded aspects of self to open to a new expression.

Part Two: Harmonizing the sound of the soul; harmonizing with divine will; transmissions of a new, more expanded energy of God-creation; creating a stronger connection to God-mind, universal consciousness; energy transmissions to assist with the activation and expression of higher potential; energy transmissions to enhance personal mastery and to feel more balanced and stable; energy support for the physical body.

Judy at Lazienki Park Gardens in PolandJudy says, “I have had the good fortune to have visited Poland several times. This recording was made in spring 2017. My beautiful Polish friend, Karolina and her partner Glenn, helped me to organize an event in Warsaw. The photo was taken in the gardens of Lazienki Park at the “Palace on the Lake”, the summer home of the last King of Poland, Stanislaw 11 Augustus, who reined in the 18th century.

Also in the park is a statue of Chopin and I feel it fitting to include two of his beautiful compositions as part of Opening Into the Heart of Yourself. You only need to listen for the energy to do its work.”

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Supporting Our Star Children

You have no doubt heard about Indigo children, Crystal children and more recently Rainbow children. The Indigos began to incarnate in the 1970s and the Crystals later, from the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Both the Indigo and Crystal children have come to Earth to help usher in and consolidate social and spiritual change; anchoring peace, love and heart-centered co-creation.

Star ChildrenCrystal and Rainbow children are different. They are highly psychic and sensitive. Often speech and communication is delayed and they may be intolerant of loud noises and outside stimulus. However these children are usually very empathetic, wise and loving. They innately know that is right for them. They are old souls. They JUST KNOW. These children are often diagnosed as being autistic.

I created another audio track using the much more potent new energy that I am now able to access that is coming from a more expanded God-creation energy at the heart center of 22 galaxies.

The number 22 is a Master-builder number and what is now building is transformation and regenesis … a new beginning for Earth and for humanity.

So these special Star Children are incarnating on Earth to assist with this process of Earth and Galactic change and we need their beautiful expanded energy vibrations.

Read the testimonials from two mothers who have been using the programs with their children.

Please understand that I can make no guarantees for the outcomes of these transmissions and I can take no responsibility for the effects after listening. I offer these transmissions as a gift from God to be used with personal responsibility and discernment.

Clearing and Healing Throat ChakraClearing and Healing the Throat Chakra

This program focuses on clearing the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, of blocked karmic miasmic energy, which is the energy residue of traumatic past, or present life thought and belief. Available as Mp3 and CD set.

Golden TaraA Gift from Golden Tara

Opening to JOY

This transmission is a gift for you given to me by Golden Tara while I was in Ladakh, India for Search for the Golden Tara tour. It is to instill and download JOY.

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Smoothing the Way
Through Change

The energies streaming to Earth are very powerful and rather challenging for us to adjust to. This short audio recording will help you feel better and sleep better. Listen once or three times. (4 minutes)

Pyramidal Effect of Change
A Perfect Trifecta

The Blessings of the 8.8.8 Lionsgate

The gradual building of the Lionsgate energy over the past several years is no mistake. Humanity is being made ready for transformation, because it is the divine right time for this to occur.

Recently Spirit asked me to create two audio transmissions, “Opening into the New You” and “Breaking the Limitation Matrix”.

I have now been asked to create another audio recording to complete a pyramidal effect of change … a perfect trifecta, as the 8.8.8 Lionsgate Portal is a perfect trifecta.

This new transmission is from Sirius. When you listen it will amplify the energy of change that has been building up in you since the 22nd of July when the Stargate energy began to stream to Earth.

When you listen to the 8.8.8 Lionsgate Transmission in conjunction with the two previous transmissions so much power and strength will be activated within you. What may have seemed impossible for you to accomplish before will become easy and effortless. This is the time for you to reach for the stars and to hold your “star”, your special gifts, talents and abilities in the palm of your hand for all to see and benefit from.

Previous challenges will fall away. It’s time for all of us to stand tall and be ALL that we are and have the potential be.

Breaking Through the Limitation Matrix

Most of us have perceived limitations that frustrate us and that we feel are somehow holding us back in life. We wish we knew what to do to rise above these feelings of being “stuck” that appear to act like a barrier to our advancement.

Some of us have an in-built reaction of always getting sick just when we are about to break through into what we really want to create, or getting depressed, or creating accidents that stop us in our tracks.

We give up on our own highest good in various emotionally and physically painful ways.

Spirit say that this limitation is an illusion and that we are living out a set of beliefs about ourselves that arise at the level of karmic trauma held within the monad.

Breaking through the Limitation Matrix is a 10 minute audio track that removes a barrier of limitation at the level of the Monad, the soul group that we incarnate through from the time of our separation as an individuated “spark” of the divine from the Godhead.

Each monad is comprised of a group of 144 souls. Each monad or soul group is created with a unique energy signature and reason for being. As human beings we remain linked into this overriding energy matrix. We are affected by the experiences in our soul group and we share a commonality and reason for being.

I have come to realize that it is not just our own past life karmic experiences that affect our lives today, it is also the combined energy effect of the monad that we incarnate through.

It’s easy to use. The 10 minute audio explains about and delivers the energy. You can go back and just listen to the energy part to repeat three times at one session for seven consecutive days. Write down how you feel each day. That’s it. Simple! Leave your feedback on Facebook.

Opening to the New You
Move Beyond Current Limitations

This short audio transmission will lift you into the next level of your soul’s expression. The very strong energies that have been coming to Earth from the heart center of a 22 galaxy multi-galactic diamond and rising up from a place of energy creation within the Earth called Amenti, have been creating a feeling of energy compression, (physical pain, anxiety, confusion, stress), within each of us, as we are energy conduits feeling impacted by the energy.

“Opening into the New You” will move you past and through a ceiling of previous limitation and of who you know yourself to be. Each time you listen to this audio recording you will be assisted by the energy and by Spirit to open into the NEW YOU in a more powerful way.

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