Judy in Ladakh India August - October 2016

Leh Ladahk

Earlier this year Judy was requested by a Star Council of new creation from the heart of the 22 galaxy Galactic Diamond, to travel to Ladakh in Northern India, to spend three months in meditation, writing and prayer. She arrived in Leh in mid August and plans to stay for some time.

Ladakh is a mountainous region of India next to Tibet; remote, mysterious and starkly beautiful. At over 11,000 feet above sea level Ladakh is known as the land of the high passes and is right next to Tibet. It is a magical and very beautiful place of happy smiling people, picturesque Buddhist Monasteries called ‘gompas’, towering poplar trees, sunny days and star lit nights.

In the first months of 2016 Judy completed 19 years as a multi-dimensional channel for Spirit. This 19 year cycle culminated with the teachings, The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene and True Colors, a class for Earthly Masters, designed to rapidly cut through karmic blocks and move you into the highest expression of your soul’s truth and purpose. Judy’s complete teachings will be released soon as part of an accelerated ascension library.

At the conclusion of Judy’s time in India she will release information about her new direction as guided by Spirit.

The story of Tara and the People of Mu

This audio recording was just released. It comes to us through Judy from a Star Council of New Creation at the heart of 22 galaxies. Click here to read more and to listen

Regenesis Phase 2

Beyond Healing: Regenesis Phase 2

Healing is coming into balance. Regenesis Phase 2 has to do with going beyond healing to new vitality, new energy and a new type of shining beauty… RADIANCE. YOU will radiate!

There are nine audio tracks in this MP3 download program, as well as two supplementary tracks that are energy language only, a total of 11 audio tracks.

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Beyond Healing: Phase 1 Regenesis Phase 1

Beyond Healing: Regenesis Phase 1

Regenesis Phase 1 is a very simple, yet extremely powerful program designed by Spirit as a primer for cellular rejuvenation.

The sounds transmitted harmonize and balance the chakras, help restore balance to the body’s energy systems and coherence to the cells, clear harmful electromagnetic radiation and bring new vitality to the body. Available as MP3 download.

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Transcripts of
Mary Magdalene

Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

Part 1 of the teachings and energy transmissions from Mary Magdalene and other higher dimensional beings.
Available on CD or MP3.
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Being Love:
Gateway to Joy

Being Love-Gateway to Joy

Part 2 of the Mary Magdalene teachings consolidates and strengthens the fourth aspect of love from Part 1 …
Available on CD or Mp3.
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Joy is Love

Joy is Love Expressed

Final part of Mary Magdalene teachings that will anchor and instill JOY...going beyond the Love vibration.
Available on CD and MP3.
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Be All You Can Be
and More


Push the delete on subconscious patterns that act to sabotage your creation of YOU ... who you are, who you want to be and how you want to live your life.
Available as MP3 only.
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Right Action Leads to
Right Outcome

Meditation for Spirit Inspiration

We are at a time of unprecedented change and transformation; physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the ‘quickening’ of an evolutionary upgrade for us as human beings, the activation of more of our 12 strand potential human DNA. If you are energy sensitive, you are likely to be feeling change on many levels.
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Feel Better Fast

Feel Better Fast

Light Language energy transmissions to regenerate, revitalize and restore the physical body. It is a compilation of six sequences of Light Language sound and light energy from Spirit connected together as one easy to use 26 minute.
Available as MP3 Only.
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Finding the Love
You Seek

Finding the Love You Seek
Energy transmissions from Mary Magdalene to Judy to clear old deep level patterns that keep you from feeling, being and expressing the love you seek.
Available as an MP3 Only.

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Sunshine Before
the Dawn

Sunshine Before the Dawn
The story of us as telepathically transmitted to Judy by beings of light.
A must read for everyone!
Available in multiple formats and languages.
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Meditation Matters

October 3, 2016, 10:00am - October 3, 2016, 8:30am

Meditation Matters – Opening to Your Soul’s Truth and Expanded Spiritual Guidance

Meditation calms the over activity of the mind and connects us to the voice of our soul, our higher self, that is always guiding us on our life journey.

Judy will be holding a one day post GCSS workshop. Her workshop will help people connect to their soul’s voice and the guidance of the higher self, as well as other multi-dimensional beings of Light and Love.

All participants will also receive as a FREE GIFT from Judy for at home use that will further help you stand in your soul’s truth and do what you have come to do at this important time on Earth.

Your questions and concerns will be answered.

Lunch and Refreshments are included in the cost.

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