Meditation for Spirit Inspiration

Right Action Leads to Right Outcome

Are you struggling with what to do, what decisions to make, probably in multiple areas of your life?

Take heart…you are not alone…it is part of the process of Ascension.

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The Prayer of Right Action and Right Outcome


Ask from your heart:
With the Power of God that I AM, I align with the Angel (or Energy, or Spirit …your choice)
of Right Action and Right Outcome in my Life.

I trust that all is well and as I trust and have faith my life changes in miraculous and love-filled ways
to fill my heart with delight and open me to the many blessings and joys of life. I especially give thanks for…

Speak what you want as though it is already yours

And So It Is
And So It Is
And So It Is


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Being Love-Gateway to Joy

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Understanding the Languages of Light

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Insight, Clarity, Wisdom and Direction

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Feel Better Fast

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Ascension Miracles and Magic

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Finding the Love You Seek
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