New Release! Being Love: Gateway to Love

Being Love Gateway to Joy

Part one of this work, The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene (as transmitted to Judy Satori by Mary Magdalene in La Sainte Baume, France) balances your love nature. Being Love: Gateway to Joy is Part Two of the work and moves beyond this.

This 13 Mp3, four CD program consolidates and strengthens the fourth of the fundamental aspects of love … LOVING BEINGNESS. This is your ability to just BE and resonate with the love vibration. This program also energetically instills the love vibration into every cell of your body. This enhances your ability to give and receive love, supports physical , emotional and deep healing of the soul and will help you resonate with and bring JOY into your life.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Moves beyond balancing of your love nature to actually instill and activate more love within
  • Continues to clear disordered energy within the cells to aid healing and regeneration
  • Strengthens your connection to the guidance of your higher self, the voice of the soul
  • Clears deep seated emotional patterns of thought and belief that take away your joy
  • Opens the heart to greater love and peace
  • Energetically instills the love vibration within the cells of the body

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Welcome to the Sound of Light Ascension Library

The information and audio recordings on this site are from Source, God or Universal Consciousness.

The words that I speak are coding sequences of Sound and Light transmitted through my voice, hands and eyes as the conduit. When you listen regularly to these energy words you will change physically, emotionally and on deep levels of soul.

You will feel better and your life will become easier. You will begin to create and magnetize your deepest desires. These energy transmissions are a gift from Spirit to us all as our real purpose in our Earthly lives is to be happy and well.

This site is also designed to prepare you for a spiritual, physical and consciousness upgrade, to begin to activate previously dormant human DNA potential. We are now at the beginning of a new Golden Age on Earth. It is time to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

All you need do is listen. Begin by clicking the ‘Free’ link and experience the energy for yourself.

With Blessings and Best Wishes,
Judy Satori

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