Be All You Can Be and More

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Be All You Can Be and MORE

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Be All You Can Be and MORE is an advanced energy program from star beings that will radically alter the way you think and create, help you see life differently and allow for new creation to flow.

Trusting Self

Trusting Self is an extra bonus program to support you in having faith in your own abilities. Listen in sequence to these programs for 15-20 minutes each day to see powerful, positive change occur in your life.

The audio recordings of Be All You Can Be..and MORE are advanced energy codes transmitted from the Star Nations of Alpha Centauri, Arcturus and Lyra.

This program will help you think laterally and enhance your ability to create. It will help you to completely overhaul you way of thinking and see a bigger picture for what is possible for your life. With repeated use, you will be supported to conceive and create new opportunities for yourself and implement new strategies for living into your life.

Additional energy from Lyra will help you feel more energized. It will become easier to act from a place of vitality and strength; to take the day to day action steps required to ground the new ideas that this energy will spark and usher in within your mind.

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Free Events

Darius ShowThursday, March 10: Joy is Love Expressed

Judy Satori with Darius Barazandeh on You Wealth Revolution

Beyond Ordinary ShowWednesday, March 30: Passage to Extra-Ordinary

Judy Satori with John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary Show

Meet Judy In-Person at the New Life Expo in Florida

April 16-17: West Palm Beach at the Palm Beach Convention Center

Special Monday Evening Workshop on April 18

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The Way Meditations

From The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

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Being Love-Gateway to Joy

Do you want a partner or more love in your life in 2016?

Listen free to this audio track from Judy’s program Being Love: Gateway to Joy to help you clear unknown resistances to attracting more love into your life. All you need do is listen once daily or as often as you wish. The energy will help you attract what you want.

For more information about the Being Love: Gateway to Joy program from the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene.
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Lauren Galey Show
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of 'The Secrets of the Crystal Skulls'

Right Action Leads to
Right Outcome

Meditation for Spirit Inspiration

Are you struggling with what to do, what decisions to make?
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Insight, Clarity, Wisdom,
and Direction

Insight, Clarity, Wisdom and Direction

Transmissions to inform & to activate. MP3 download.
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Feel Better Fast

Feel Better Fast

Regenerate, revitalize & restore the body. MP3 download.
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Transmissions from Archangel Metatron. MP3 download.
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Your Lineage of Light

Your Lineage of Light - Heart Opening with Kuan Yin

Learn about your lineage of light. MP3 download.

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Ascension Miracles
and Magic

Ascension Miracles and Magic

The process of Earth ascension. MP3 download.

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Finding the Love
You Seek

Finding the Love You Seek
Transmissions from Mary Magdalene. MP3 download.

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Starseeds, Stargates
and More

Starseeds, Stargates, More
Information from the Galactic Council. MP3 download.
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