Third and Final Teachings of Mary Magdalene
From The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene: Joy is Love Expressed


Mary's teachings began with "The Fundamental Aspects of Love", balancing four aspects of love within the heart and was followed in 2014 by "Being Love: Gateway to Joy".

Joy is Love Expressed is a 12 audio track program that will anchor and instill JOY...going beyond the Love vibration. It is like putting the capstone on the pyramid, which is balanced LOVE moving to JOY.

When you listen to these Language of Light audio transmissions, your ability to love yourself and others will alter permanently... not just in this life, but through all time.

Being Love-Gateway to Joy

Attract More Love in Your Life

Listen free to this audio track from Judy’s program Being Love: Gateway to Joy to help you clear unknown resistances to attracting more love into your life. All you need do is listen once daily or as often as you wish. The energy will help you attract what you want.

For more information about the Being Love: Gateway to Joy from the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene.
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Meditations from The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene

Right Action Leads to
Right Outcome

Meditation for Spirit Inspiration

Are you struggling with what to do, what decisions to make?
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Be All You Can Be
and More


Push delete on subconscious patterns that sabotage your creation of YOU.
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Feel Better Fast

Feel Better Fast

Regenerate, revitalize & restore the body. MP3 download.
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Transmissions from Archangel Metatron. MP3 download.
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Your Lineage of Light

Your Lineage of Light - Heart Opening with Kuan Yin

Learn about your lineage of light. MP3 download.

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Indecision and Doubt


Two part karmic clearing program.

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Finding the Love
You Seek

Finding the Love You Seek
Transmissions from Mary Magdalene. MP3 download.

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Starseeds, Stargates
and More

Starseeds, Stargates, More
Information from the Galactic Council. MP3 download.
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