The Secret of the Bosnian Pyramids – Our Multi-Galactic Heritage

Replay of Judy Satori on
Lauren Galey on Quantum Conversations.

Bosnian Sun Pyramid

In May this year, Judy Satori was invited to speak at a conference held at the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia. In 2005 what was thought to be a large pyramidal shaped hill was discovered by Bosnian archeologist Dr. Semir Osmanigich to be a man-made pyramid. It had been covered over with thousands of years of soil, debris and afforestation and appeared as a creation of nature. However, concrete casing blocks sheathing the hill were subsequently discovered to be man-made. At least one of these concrete blocks has been found to be 29.000 years old!

Listen to Judy’s discussion with Lauren as she explains the significance of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the maze of underground tunnels of Ravne that cover an area immediately surrounding and Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun which looks like pyramidal-shaped hill overlooking the town of Visoko, near Sarajevo.

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Clearing and Healing the Throat Chakra

Clearing and Healing Throat ChakraThis program focuses on clearing the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, of blocked karmic miasmic energy, which is the energy residue of traumatic past, or present life thought and belief. Available as Mp3 Only.

Replay of Judy with Cari Murphy
on “Straight Talk for the Soul”

Revelations from Mary Magdalene:
Her Role in the New World Order

Since January and the opening of the portal to a more expanded aspect of God Mind, Mary Magdalene is connecting once again with Judy to bring new revelations, new insights and new energy for us all. Mary Magdalene transmitted this energy LIVE with Judy to open you to your highest truth and help you to walk a “New Way” in your own life.

Judy has put together the “Goddess Collection of the Sacred Feminine” has been especially selected to open you to your God/Goddess energies and support you through your own process of physical and soul ascension. Special show pricing is only available.

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Breaking Through the Limitation Matrix

Most of us have perceived limitations that frustrate us and that we feel are somehow holding us back in life. We wish we knew what to do to rise above these feelings of being “stuck” that appear to act like a barrier to our advancement.

Some of us have an in-built reaction of always getting sick just when we are about to break through into what we really want to create, or getting depressed, or creating accidents that stop us in our tracks.

We give up on our own highest good in various emotionally and physically painful ways.

Spirit say that this limitation is an illusion and that we are living out a set of beliefs about ourselves that arise at the level of karmic trauma held within the monad.

So let’s test this theory!

Breaking through the Limitation Matrix is a 10 minute audio track that removes a barrier of limitation at the level of the Monad, the soul group that we incarnate through from the time of our separation as an individuated “spark” of the divine from the Godhead.

Each monad is comprised of a group of 144 souls. Each monad or soul group is created with a unique energy signature and reason for being. As human beings we remain linked into this overriding energy matrix. We are affected by the experiences in our soul group and we share a commonality and reason for being.

I have come to realize that it is not just our own past life karmic experiences that affect our lives today, it is also the combined energy effect of the monad that we incarnate through.

It’s easy to use. The 10 minute audio explains about and delivers the energy. You can go back and just listen to the energy part to repeat three times at one session for seven consecutive days. Write down how you feel each day. That’s it. Simple! Leave your feedback on Facebook.

Opening to the New You
Move Beyond Current Limitations

This short audio transmission will lift you into the next level of your soul’s expression. The very strong energies that have been coming to Earth from the heart center of a 22 galaxy multi-galactic diamond and rising up from a place of energy creation within the Earth called Amenti, have been creating a feeling of energy compression, (physical pain, anxiety, confusion, stress), within each of us, as we are energy conduits feeling impacted by the energy.

“Opening into the New You” will move you past and through a ceiling of previous limitation and of who you know yourself to be. Each time you listen to this audio recording you will be assisted by the energy and by Spirit to open into the NEW YOU in a more powerful way.

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Beyond Healing:
Physical Regeneration

Beyond Healing: Physical Regeneration

The word from Spirit is that lowered vitality and energy depletion is not just a matter of aging, or what we eat. It’s a matter of energy flow through the body and of how well our cells function and replicate. Available as MP3

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Meditation Matters

Meditation Matters is designed to create foundation energy grids and cellular change to help you reach and manifest your soul purpose quickly. It is a bridging program between the Transcripts of Mary Magdalene and True Colors programs. Available as Mp3.
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Opening the Time Locks of the DNA

Passage to Extraordinary: Opening the Time Locks of the DNA

Passage to Extraordinary: Opening the Time Locks of the DNA Code is Judy’s workshop from the Palm Beach New Life Expo. This workshop has many energy transmissions that will give you hope and help you feel rejuvenated. Available as MP3.

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21 Blessings from the
Golden Tara

21 Blessings from the Golden Tara

Judy transmits energy and the musicians playing flute and sitar improvise along with Judy’s words. You will enjoy this recording and be blessed by Tara’s words. Available as MP3 only.
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Beyond Healing:
Regenesis Phase 1

A very simple, yet powerful program designed by Spirit as a primer for cellular rejuvenation. The sounds transmitted harmonize and balance the chakras, help restore balance to the body’s energy systems and coherence to the cells, clear harmful electromagnetic radiation and bring new vitality to the body. Available as MP3 Only

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Beyond Healing:
Regenesis Phase 2

Healing is coming into balance. Regenesis Phase 2 goes beyond healing to new vitality, new energy and a new type of shining beauty … RADIANCE.
YOU will radiate!
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Feel Better Fast

Feel Better Fast

Light Language energy transmissions to regenerate, revitalize and restore the physical body. It is a compilation of six sequences of Light Language sound and light energy from Spirit connected together as one easy to use 26 minute.
Available as an MP3 Only.

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Sunshine Before
the Dawn

Sunshine Before the Dawn
The story of us as telepathically transmitted to Judy by beings of light.
A must read for everyone!
Available in multiple formats and languages.

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